Beer politics


I was watching the show “Cash Cab” (a trivia show that takes place in a cab in New York, and you win money) last night and two women were in the cab and doing really well on answering the trivia questions. I love watching the show, but after watching this part I had to turn the channel until someone else had gotten into the cab.

The ladies were then asked a question about beer, and what flower is used when beer is being made. They decided to use a help and ask someone on the street. The cab pulled over and they rolled the window down and they’re looking for someone to ask when I heard one of the woman telling her friend who to ask.

“We need to find someone who looks like they drink beer.” Her friend looked like she was about to call over a woman to the cab. “No, we can’t ask a woman. We need to call over a man, they know all about beer.”

So apparently women know nothing about beer because we don’t drink it, and would Never be caught anywhere near the making of beer. Of course, thanks for setting us straight ladies, how dare we think we know anything about beer. But, I guess it’s #OFWF.



9 Responses to “Beer politics”

  1. itsuwaru Says:

    Wow on that one. Actually quite a few bartenders are women nowadays and I know more women bartenders than men bartenders. Those two obviously don’t know jack. Not every woman is clueless about beer. If they are going to pick someone then they should pick a big lumberjack looking man with a bit of a beer gut. That’s not stereotypical at all. lol

  2. junebug1986 Says:

    If a few hundred bucks were at stake, I’m sorry to say that I too would probably want to ask a guy a question about beer…

    If it was about wine, I’d ask a woman though.

  3. rillion Says:

    Nothing to be sorry about. I think it’s almost certainly true that on average men both drink more beer and know more about it, so it’s a perfectly rational choice to go with a man if you’re just picking someone off the street.

  4. glambam Says:

    Not only am I female, I’m a teetotaller. I still know that the answer is hops. I don’t think you can afford to stereotype in this situation!

  5. Daghain Says:

    I believe the answer is hops. See, I’m a chick who knows about beer.

    Of course, I learned because my boyfriend brews his own and taught me how, so that probably negates my point. Oh well. 😀

  6. slackermagee Says:

    The story would be different if it took place up here North of the border but as it stands: more likely to get the right answer off a guy.

    And even then I’d say the odds are 70-30. Also, what is the answer here, hops?

  7. isitnotnifty Says:

    I HATE beer and I’m a girl, so I guess that follows the stereotype. It’s nasty and I’d much rather have a nice Bourbon. That being said, it’s hops. (Just like everyone else said.) I was actually shocked that anyone didn’t know that one. :/ I mean beer looks and smells like piss and tastes like what I’d guess piss might, I really don’t get the obsession with it.


    That’s like my cousin who tried to prove his manliness by drinking beer. Weird.

  8. amberisthecolor Says:

    shoot, where i live, homebrewing is the thing. i know some ladies who make their own beer.

  9. amberisthecolor Says:

    isitnotnifty: you’ve probably only had crap beer. 😉

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