Fantasia Barrino’s father – Your fault you got raped


This is a really sad story: the fact that the young woman in question, a singer, was raped as a teenager is bad enough. What makes it even more sickening is that her own father blamed her for the attack, suggesting that her dress sense gave the message that “There’s a party over here.” Gee, thanks pops!

I can only imagine what it must’ve felt like to have a parent betray you like that. And not only that, but she felt she had to give up school when other boys started threatening to repeat the attack (sort of begs the question, where the hell were the school authorities when this was happening?)

When your rapist succeeds in ruining your education and your father blames you for “running around in little dresses”, you know it’s #YFYF. More power to her for becoming successful despite it all.



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4 Responses to “Fantasia Barrino’s father – Your fault you got raped”

  1. sitakali Says:

    Her father’s reaction is a form of child abuse. Plain and simple.

  2. blackrose01 Says:

    True, very true, unfortunatly it’s not uncommon for many fathers to think like this. A lot of fathers feel it is their duty to ‘protect’ their daughters and when that fails they’d rather blame said daughter than admit that they couldn’t do anything. Sad but true and my heart goes out to Fantasia.

    • sz01 Says:

      I agree this seems possible, but it’s a shame that “protect” couldn’t mean something less patriarchal than he opted for. Even if he couldn’t “protect” her body, he could have helped to “protect” her mind afterwards…

      • popesuburban Says:

        When you talk like that, Mr. Barrino, you’re saying, “Hey, there’s an ignorant asshole over here.”

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