Her fault she’s transsexual


This story appeared in a UK newspaper:

6ft 3in transsexual ‘forced to apologise to colleagues for wearing dress to work … and then sacked’


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5 Responses to “Her fault she’s transsexual”

  1. fiona888 Says:

    That’s absolutely despicable. I’m glad she’s suing for unfair dismissal and discrimination – so she should; ‘making your colleagues feel uncomfortable’ is not a valid reason to be sacked. Especially as it was NOT her that made them feel uncomfortable – it was their own prejudice and bigotry.

    The comments at the end of the article are tediously predictable – it is a Daily Mail article after all.

    • jenniferengland Says:

      I started reading it, and I was rather proud of the Daily Mail for being so open-minded, considering their normal articles. Then I got to the comments, and I remembered why I don’t read the Daily Mail.

      • ethulhu Says:

        They weren’t fantastic – her height has nothing to do with it, nor her birth name nor the pre-transition picture, but I’ll admit that I was surprised they never called her “him”

  2. khaoskomix Says:

    The comments on the article are absolutely horrible. I couldn’t find a single positive one or one that was at least not written by a bigot.

  3. knavemurdok Says:

    Sadly, I’ve known too many folks with similar stories, it’s a real shame that so many people are so uncomfortable with other people’s personal choices to such a degree, so much so that they can’t allow that person to lead a normal life as a result.
    Despite the sad face she was making in the articles picture, she makes an extraordinarily lovely woman.

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