Clean vagina = career success


via Issy, Kirsten, Sam and Daniela

Want a raise? Wash that vagina, ladies.


A grotesquely sexist ad placed in a popular US women’s Magazine, Women’s Day. Spending years becoming educated and being a good worker has nothing to do with our worth, it’s whether or not we douche in the middle of the day that will get us a raise? WTF Summer’s Eve, WTF Women’s Day?

Our Fault We’re Female, I guess.

Complaints can go to or US (212) 767-6000. Summer’s Eve can be contacted at US 866-787-6383 or



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8 Responses to “Clean vagina = career success”

  1. flossiesdoll Says:

    Kirsten, not Kirtsen!

  2. mfif Says:

    sorry! corrected…

  3. truthtruthlie Says:

    AHAHAHAHA I can’t even.

    I mean, they were promoting their product. I understand the order of the points. And I know I would read the first point, and then stop after that godawful advice for fear everything else would be the same shallow insanity. But at least their product name has worked its way into my brain, in case I ever need to wash my vagina. 😐

  4. branchmonster Says:

    Oh my gosh, just imagine a man getting ready for the day he asks for a raise: “I’d better make sure I don’t smell too much like penis.” Embarassing ads for men’s hygiene products start appearing in men’s magazines – “The Clean Peen Tube; for days when you need to feel your most confident.”

    Then, you can understand how embarassing this advertisement is.

    Now, picture the people who created this ad coming up with their idea:

    “Why would a woman want to douche?”

    “To feel cleaner.”

    “Okay, and why would a woman want to feel cleaner?”

    “It makes her more confident.”

    “Good. Okay, so what we need is a scenario in which a woman wants to feel most confident.”


    “Oh, no, feminists would be all over that. We need to focus on the modern woman.”

    “I know! Asking for a raise!”

    “That’s good! … “

  5. daeisgay Says:

    Their advice implies too much. Then again, I AM a woman, so I’ll probably need to keep my vagoo spring fresh while I’m sluttin’ it up to the top of the ladder. No excuse for a smelly snatch. amirite?

  6. branchmonster Says:

    We’re not the only ones steaming mad about this:

  7. corridor7f Says:

    I’ve been laughing at Summer’s Eve ads for years… but I do suppose there are some women that take them seriously, which isn’t as laughable.

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