Who are the real creeps here?


I should start by saying I’m severely arachnophobic. So arachnophobic in fact that when a large spider (say 2.5 inches including legs) landed on my head and crawled down my arm, I screamed so loud the neighbours called round. I’m not proud, but it is what it is.

That said, I went to do a volunteering project with my work. There were numerous tasks, including painting, cutting down trees, planting, pulling weeds and transporting soil (shovelling and barrowing). The more artistic people volunteered for the painting and since I wouldn’t have been great, I wasn’t chosen for that task (I’m okay at painting, but not the level they were looking for.)

When it got to the garden however, I made it pretty clear that I was totally willing to labour, but really didn’t do well with minibeasts, so might be best felling trees and doing the digging rather than weeding / planting. I’ve also got a bit of experience felling trees and regularly train with weights at the gym.

Despite this, I couldn’t so much as dig out a bucket of earth without someone coming across and saying they couldn’t watch me do that heavy work because they were ‘a bloke’. I really couldn’t cope with that many creepy crawlies – okay very female – but I could lift and carry as much or more soil than the (older) chaps in question….

Guess phobias are okay, as long as they don’t interfere with the gender split of work. #MFIF


3 Responses to “Who are the real creeps here?”

  1. branchmonster Says:

    Bummer, I know so many guys who would “scream like a girl” over spiders.

  2. celdazero Says:

    Probably it shows these men are insecure. “If a woman can do this heavy work, then what good am I” etc.

    Pretty sad for these guys in my opinion, like saying they are only good for lifting and carrying. Doesn’t say much for their intelligence or skills, which is more important in our technological society than how much you can lift.

  3. scrivener212 Says:

    I used to measure houses for a living–it was all about housing re-assessment where I lived. We were on three-person teams. I ended up on a team that made me very happy. The 3rd degree black belt on the team, a Vietnam veteran (this was a long time ago), was terrified of dogs. Terrified. He’d had some really bad experiences with them. I am not particularly afraid of anything mammalian beyond the primate classification, but I was terrified of what would be part of my job: interviewing home owners who were convinced the re-assessment would raise their taxes. (It lowered many of them, actually.)

    My team mate and I made a deal. I handled dogs; he handled home owners. We did very well! I even covered him on snakes once!

    Guys. They’re so silly. My spouse-creature gets the willies over skunks, raccoons, and opossums, all of which come through our back yard. I’m happy to deal with them.

    He, on the other hand, deals with the really big spiders.

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