Heineken – woman like shoes. Man like beer.


This from our contributor Sarah Kate, on Heineken’s sexist advertising

Last night I saw this Heineken advert for the first time. A woman is showing a group of her friends around her house and especially into this huge closet/small room full of shoes. They all start squealing and shrieking with delight. Acceptable so far, there’s nothing wrong with the fact that some women really appreciate shoes.

Then it cuts to the man who lives with her showing his friends around and taking them into an identical room but the walls are lined with beer. They all start yelling with joy in a very similar way but nowhere near as high pitched. It cuts back to the women who look confused and then to the title of the product.

It seems like it’s belittling the women’s excitement and using very tired old stereotypes. There are plenty of women who would be just as excited as the men about the beer and plenty of men who would be just as excited about the shoes as the women. It just felt wrong.

via Sarah Kate, UK


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4 Responses to “Heineken – woman like shoes. Man like beer.”

  1. lottieruby Says:

    I’ve seen this ad about a million times and cringe whenever it comes on. I just hate, how, gender, coded, it is, ugh. I do believe the colouring of the women’s room was based on white and lighter ‘feminine’ whereas the men’s room was blue and green and darker in tone (if I recall), saturated with it.

  2. daeisgay Says:

    The ad is on youtube is anyone is unfamiliar.

    What’s worse than the commercial itself is the comment with the most thumbs-up: “129 dislikes from women!”

  3. dynamoxie Says:

    This video does a good job of rounding up a whole bunch of sexism examples in beer ads. It covers the spectrum from dully reinforcing of gender roles to actively violent:

    This other video (from the same show) is about advertising overall trying to sell masculinity, but several of the examples are from beer ads:

  4. blackrose01 Says:

    You beat me to it, I wanted to post about this advert too, it’s so stupid! I can’t believe these types of things actually get put on air!

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