Guy needing guidance


A friend of mine has always been very interested in becoming a forest guide. Among the things she learned to be certified, axe safety was her favorite.

In her household, there are essentially two chores. Getting firewood cut and inside, and doing the dishes. Understandably, she wanted to switch chores once in a while with her brother, because cutting wood? That’s something she LOVES to do.

Her brother threw a fit. There was no way he was doing the dishes because that was a “girl’s chore.”

When his parents heard about this, they made him do dishes for a month.


Satisfied Friend, USA


6 Responses to “Guy needing guidance”

  1. blackrose01 Says:

    Good on your friends parents!

  2. scrivener212 Says:

    Thumb’s up to cool parents!

  3. popesuburban Says:

    Parent WIN!

  4. lottieruby Says:

    I was expecting something like “And their parents agreed, it was ‘girls work'” – ha, suck on it, Bro!

  5. fleurisnotsexist Says:

    Well, I’d say a month is not enough. It sounds like a punishment when it should be just fair.

  6. fiona888 Says:

    fleurisnotsexist, I think what the OP meant was that he was made to do ONLY dishes for a month, as a punishment for his attitude and behaviour, before reverting to fair turn-taking.

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