Dessert – the basis of any marriage


My dear friend J told me this story. She is a warm, kind and lovely person, highly intelligent and well-educated, and very pretty; I say this to provide context to what follows.

J has a regular annual meet-up with old friends from her hometown. One of her old friends is engaged to a man whom J described to me as a chauvinist, with borderline emotionally abusive tendencies. J had cooked a chocolate dessert for the meet-up; her friend’s fiancé, after tasting the dessert, turned to J’s own fiancé, and said, wiggling his eyebrows, “NOW I understand!”.

As in, NOW I understand why you are with J – not for her personality, not because she is your intellectual equal with a great career ahead of her, not even because she is beautiful… but because she can cook good desserts. Well, we all know where a woman’s true place is, anyway. #HFSF.



2 Responses to “Dessert – the basis of any marriage”

  1. Sarah Says:

    As a woman who is beautiful, intelligent and with a great personality, I am quite happy for my cooking ability (which I happen to think is pretty bloody good) to be rated right up there with my other attributes. Food is very important to me, so it makes me happy when someone else appreciates my cooking.

    However, (and this is a big however) I can’t stand it when my domestic abilities (I am also a good housekeeper, gardener, and enjoy sewing and knitting) are regarded by others as only valuable in the context of a relationship with a man. You know, as in “you’ll make someone a great wife one day!” Well, yes, I probably will and for a whole host of reasons. But I happen to think that there are other many reasons to value my skills.

  2. sz01 Says:

    The guy’s a pr*ck. Plain and simple.

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