Same old story?


via Sam

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Two different links to the same story. It’s not my tale, but it screamed out to me that it should be showcased here. #MFIF

6 Responses to “Same old story?”

  1. notemily Says:

    Infuriating. I have a lot of stuff in my bags I don’t want people going through. None of it could be used to blow up a plane or take people hostage. It’s just MY STUFF and I want to keep it private. The TSA, as usual, is way over the line here.

  2. jesurgislac Says:

    Last time I entered the US, the guy who searched my luggage pulled out a bag of trailfood and demanded to know why I’d brought it. (“Because I’m hiking the Grand Canyon.”)

    That was six years ago. Never been back. Hate the bastards with a passion.

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  4. Sally Says:

    So if a man had been carrying a load of cheques, they’d have called his wife to make sure he wasn’t running off with ‘her’ money?

    Yeah, sure they would.

  5. kt20rox Says:

    I HATE airport security. Seriously this annoys me.

  6. mizmoose Says:

    Interesting, given that has a policy of being against sexism but does nothing to control rampant sexist bleating. I should submit my tale about how I got banned from Consumerist for complaining about women being discussed like sex objects, only to be told that “it’s no different than women commenting on how men look.” Totally MFIF.

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