Taken for a ride


First off, I am Male, but very much a feminist. I currently work as a ride operator at a theme park and as such, have to deal with angry people quite often. About two months ago, I had a male guest ask to speak to my supervisor, so I called one over from the office. It just happened that it was the head supervisor of my area who responded, and who is also female.

When he saw her approaching, he turned back to me and said “I asked for a supervisor, not some bitch who thinks she has power and can tell me what to do.” I was completely shocked, and didn’t say a word to him as he stormed away, without even talking to the supervisor I had called SPECIFICALLY for him. I guess I should have known better though. It’s not like women can have any kind of power or supervisory abilities.

My fault for being SO ignorant, and her fault she is female.




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