Reboot that attitude


I’ve worked at the same store selling furniture for almost two years, and have known the boss for almost 3. I’ve never liked him, largely because he told me that he’d hired me simply because I was a pretty face he could have in on the weekends, and he’d never expected me to be hugely successful.

I’ve proven him SO wrong by consistently smashing my targets, generally selling at least 120%, aside from a short period earlier this year when I was ill and my numbers fell.

All those working in my store are female. The boss blames us whenever something goes wrong with the computer systems, because as women we obviously don’t know what we’re doing. As well, if he comes in and finds that we’ve got the heater on in the store (it’s ducted aircon, and the store is like a freezer in the mornings during winter), we’ll get a lecture about how heat rises and that’s why we’re not allowed to have the heater on and make the place livable.

Anyway. Last Sunday. The system had crashed again. It’s a Windows 2003 server on what is probably a 10 year old box. The boss never reboots it because he thinks that rebooting a server is Bad. I tried to work my magic on it, but I knew that the only option was to reboot it – but, as I said, the boss thinks that’s bad, and doubly so because I’m a woman and I don’t know about computers. I tried suggesting it anyway, but was met with the usual “lol silly woman” reaction, so I basically told him to have fun with fixing it and got on with shifting some furniture.

To cut a long story short, he ended up calling in the (male) tech, who rebooted the system and SHOCKINGLY that fixed it.

I guess it totally wouldn’t have worked had I done it, because, well, #MFIF

Just a salesperson


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