Dulux Fail


via commenter blackrose01

Has anyone seen that Dulux paint advert where the father is talking to his newborn by narration and all you can see are blue walls with a football mobile above the crib and he says he had it all planned and that ‘you’d’ make it big as a footballer and he says that ‘you’ took them all by surprise, and then you see him painting the walls pink and he swaps everything so its girly with fairies and flowers and stuff?

Like God forbid a surprise baby girl have blue walls with a football motif, can you imagine what it was like at the hospital?

Mother: OH God we have a girl! Quick, go buy some paint and change her room before she begins to get ideas about equality!

Father: I’m on it! No daughter of mine is going to going to grow up as anything less than a girly, girly baby making machine!

I know it’s only a paint advert but it really annoys me how they can be so blatant!

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12 Responses to “Dulux Fail”

  1. fiona888 Says:

    Yes, horrendous; not to mention the fact that you shouldn’t put a baby to sleep in a freshly painted room – it should be aired for a few weeks to allow the chemicals to disperse.

  2. longanlon Says:

    hahahahah that was funny 🙂

  3. blackrose01 Says:

    Oh wow, it got turned into a post! WOO, thanks

  4. kktwain Says:

    That kind of happened to me when I was born. Everyone thought I was going to be a boy (because I had a strong heartbeat. They didn’t actually check my gender.) My parents didn’t care either way, had come up with boy and girl names, and my dad would never let anyone paint the walls pink OR blue.

    But! You know how doctors like to give blue blankets to boys and pink to girls? Apparently when I was born the nurses were running around looking for pink blankets, refusing to use the blue. My mom just wanted to make sure I was warm, so she kept telling them to use the blue blanket they had ready.

    • blackrose01 Says:

      I know right, nevermind the fact that the baby might freeze, better make sure its in a gendered blanket.

  5. sankuri Says:

    I’m WTF at that commercial honestly. I CAN understand changing the mobile, considering normal reactions though.

    I’m a girl, and when I was born I got … the blue bedroom, with one wall papered in a nice gender-neutral rainbows print wallpaper (seriously, very basic little rainbows in boring mathematically-arranged equidistant positions. Not girly, not boyish, just … equidistant rainbows). The only time it changed was when I was old enough to request the pink paint, which was only because I wanted to be like my sister, who had her room painted pink (I was something like 7). I turned 11 and painted it back to blue.

    God I love blue. Even now I’m in my 20s and all my stuff is still blue!

  6. si306090 Says:

    You know this kind of thing actually continues all the way to college shopping.

    Just because I’m female doesn’t mean all my sheets, and comforters have to be pink with hibiscus or butterflies. I would also much rather have the sham than the frilly bedskirt.

    I ended up buying some aquatic and navel themed set because it was the only thing in the store that wasn’t pink!

  7. lottieruby Says:

    Urgh! I’m so not into gendering babies into oblivion. That’s why I hate baby showers. Okay, I like the concept, a way of mothers receiving much needed items for their new baby, but it’s the gender-stereotyping of said items that I hate. And the comments that come with them for example, the cooing and ‘awwwing’ and ‘She’ll be such a good little princess’ over pink-saturated ‘girls’ stuff, and the ‘What a little stud’ (actually heard this at last shower I attended, ‘He’s gonna be trouble’ etc comments for the boys. It’s setting them up for their prescribed roles already in life, like we need more ‘macho studs’ and ‘silent princesses’ – enough!

  8. fiona888 Says:

    I love blue too, and purple – much more than pink. I would be fairly indifferent to pink if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s so overused and clichéd, which actually leads me to slightly dislike it.

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  10. mrmollyrulesok Says:

    I love blue, my room is actually painted teal, and a lot of my stuff is blue. It really annoys me when girls my age (I’m a teenager) are talking about how they’re redecorating their rooms and ask me why I don’t like pink. I mean, I don’t mind pink, it’s a nice enough colour, I just don’t want to stare at it all day when there are other colours that I prefer. Argh!

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