Bourbon street assault


I work in a bar on Bourbon Street, in New Orleans, as a dancer.

Not a stripper, a clothed dancer. this distinction is important, as if i were a stripper, this behavior would NEVER be allowed.

I dance next to two open windows, on a stage – leaving my rear end at about eye level to a guy who is 6 feet tall or so.

Now, people are always pushy on bourbon st, but this particular Friday night, this guy literally came INTO THE WINDOW, THREE FEET ONTO THE STAGE, and grabbed my ass.

I’m not a moron, so i grabbed him by the collar, followed him out the window, and summoned a security guy, who questioned the guy, and wisely told him to get the f*ck on, before i pounded the shit out of him. then, the security guy, who is a friend of mine, told me to report the incident to a manager.

the manager’s response was basically, “this is bourbon st, you are going to get grabbed, and we can’t (WON’T) do anything about it. and if you hit them. then they can press charges against you, and you will most likely get fired.”
so, let me get this straight. any random guy on bourbon st can sexually ASSAULT me, but i can’t punch him in the face, according to the management?

oh yeah, i forgot. it’s #MFIF.



3 Responses to “Bourbon street assault”

  1. notemily Says:


  2. jesurgislac Says:

    That’s awful. I realise it’s tough when your manager is against you, but is there anyone you can complain to about HIM? Would the security guard help?

    Because really, you’re a dancer, doing your job: some asshole on the street should NOT be allowed to assault you.

  3. knavemurdok Says:

    granted, your boss cannot stop every whack job who’s gonna do something indecent, but he CAN have a very strict “no touching the dancers” policy. That’s literally the “least” he could do, and it would actually be a huge help šŸ˜›

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