Death of the dream


I dated this guy for almost two years. It was getting pretty serious, and he seemed like the perfect dream. Aside from being caring and emotionally supportive, he didn’t scorn “feminine” things like many men I knew; he loved cooking for me and said he found housework calming. Finally, I’d met someone who didn’t care about dividing responsibilities along sexist stereotypes!

Then one day, out of the blue, he tells me he doesn’t think he can ever marry me.

“Why not?” I ask.

“Because you don’t cook,” he says. “You don’t do dishes. You don’t pick up around the house.” (I did all those things in my own home, of course, but apparently not to his liking.)

I was confused. “But you enjoy doing those things, and you do them already.”

“But I’m not supposed to,” he says. “That’s your job.”

Individual personalities, preferences, and skills don’t matter, because it’s #MFIF


4 Responses to “Death of the dream”

  1. skyhawkmkiv Says:

    That sucks a lot. I hope his ass is dumped, stringing you along like that.

  2. jesurgislac Says:

    That sucks. DTMA. obviously he wasn’t husband-material if he thought it was his wife’s “job” to cook and clean for you.

  3. Merely Academic Says:

    You certainly dodged a bullet there. Can you imagine being married to this jerk?

  4. desbarates Says:

    At least he make you realize the kind of moron he is before it was to late

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