Appropriate level of service


A couple of months ago my boyfriend’s grandparents came round to pick up some laundry (we had just moved house and didn’t yet have a washing machine). Apparently they left a message that they were coming, but I never got it so was still in bed when they turned up at 8.30 on Saturday. The flat was a mess – if I’d known they were coming I would have tidied a little, but I had no idea they were coming.

His grandma started going through my boyfriend’s mess (a pile of clean laundry that he hadn’t put away, it had been on the top of the chest of drawers but was now in disarray and some had fallen on the floor).

Grandma: Don’t you tidy up after [boyfriend]?
Me: No…
Grandma: Why not?
Me: Because I’m not his maid?

I had thought that as I have a full time job (we contribute equally to household expenses), do all of the cooking and most of the other housework, I did enough. But no, apparently I should tidy up after my boyfriend too when he chooses to leave a mess. How silly of me, #MFIF

Not a maid, UK



3 Responses to “Appropriate level of service”

  1. junebug1986 Says:

    My grandma is the opposite. Divorced at age 25 with 3 young children she became solely responsible for, she decided she was done with men for life.

    When she comes over to my place (that I share with my boyfriend) she gets worried if the place looks a little too clean “You’re not cleaning up after that boy, right? It’s his own damn job to clean up after himself!.” But she scolds me for not wearing skirts more often. Go figure!

    What did she say after you said you weren’t his maid?

  2. longanlon Says:

    and what did she say?

  3. lilovescake Says:

    I got the Look of Grandparently Disapproval.

    But I must be doing something right as she was extremely happy when we got engaged =) Let’s just hope my wifely duties do not include tidying up after him!

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