The Weaker Sex; The Richer Sex


Some years ago, I had to have an earring removed from my ear because skin had grown over it.

My school health center sent me to two doctors.

The first one told me my injury was completely stupid, cursed and used language inappropriate for a doctor, and then told me he did not have time for me that day and I should come back tomorrow.  I was offended by his attitude and decided to go to another one.

The other one agreed to do the removal that day, and asked me if I wanted Novocaine. I said yes and he said “It costs more.” I replied that I would still like to be numb before he CUT INTO MY EAR and he replied “Well, that’s OK, Daddy will pay for it anyway, right?”

It should be noted that my school has kind of a reputation for being full of rich spoiled kids.  Still, I doubt that he would have made such a remark to a male student.

Apparently Novocaine before surgery = having Daddy pay for everything. Clearly it’s #MFIF



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4 Responses to “The Weaker Sex; The Richer Sex”

  1. Samantha Frank Says:

    Wow, I had nearly the same conversation with a doctor years back when I had to have an impacted wisdom tooth out, only it was my non-existent husband who was sure to foot the bill. Ugh.

    And yes, please, gas would be nice while you’re PULLING BONES OUT OF MY HEAD WITH PLIERS. 🙂

  2. xchx Says:

    Is he out of his damn mind?

    Novocaine really shouldn’t be a luxury. It should create more of a response in the sad situations where people can’t afford it.

    And not only do I think the doctor would not have said that to male students, It’s something to note that “Daddy” pays for everything, not Mommy.

  3. alexcicio Says:

    Ick, I had skin grow over one of my earrings when I was a kid. NOT pleasant to get out, though I guess I was better off than you — my mom was able to get it out, then ice it up and douse it with alcohol, and I didn’t have to go to a doctor.

    And I’m sorry you had bad experiences with TWO separate doctors, one right after another. What happened to professionalism?

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