Battle for Information


In April I hurt my knee. As it happens I was playing a sport when this happened. In the following days I had several doctor and imaging appointments. I often had to bring my 7 month old daughter. I had to emphasize several times that this was a sports injury. My husband had not hurt me. I had not fallen.

When it came time for surgery I needed to find out exactly what drugs I would be given since I am still nursing my daughter. The surgeon’s office referred me to my pediatrician’s office but they couldn’t tell me anything with the names of the specific drugs. I did finally talk to a nurse and a nurse anesthetist at the surgery center who were very helpful. While waiting my turn the day of the surgery I tried to reconfirm what drugs were to be used so there wouldn’t be any surprises. The anesthesiologist was extremely snotty to me and couldn’t understand why anyone would ask him such questions. He’s say “Why do you need to know this? ” “Because I’m a nursing mother.” “Why do you need to know this?” I glare at him “Because I’m a nursing mother.” He rattled off the list and I made him write it down while he muttered about women.

In my follow up appointment with the surgeon he wasn’t going to give me any physical therapy. I had to again emphasize that this was a sports injury and would I be back in form without PT?

In some ways I was lucky. It was 3 weeks between injury and surgery. In doing some research it seems many women with this sort of injury are told to wait and see for months or years while their muscles atrophy and their frame and gait are thrown off. Men are more likely to be treated right away. There were far too many opportunities in this scenario for me to have gotten less than adequate medical services simply because I’m female. #MFIF

Missouri, USA


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2 Responses to “Battle for Information”

  1. keysburg Says:

    Why do you need to know this? Uh, because its my body and you are pumping shit into it. I thought everyone had the right to know what exactly all medical procedures entailed. Otherwise its not informed consent.

  2. fiona888 Says:

    Exactly ^^
    The nursing mother part is simply in addition to that.

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