Chestload of problems


I’m somewhat of a busty girl.

My ex-boyfriend had an obsession with my chest and would grab at me from behind saying he was “man bra-ing me.”

He would touch my chest at any opportunity when he could despite my telling him “No.”

One time he told me “Your mouth says ‘no’ but your eyes say ‘yes'” as his form of justification.

Needless to say the relationship was VERY short lived.

When I told our mutual friend about it she said “It’s just his way of showing he likes you!” and I was informed I had best not complain about it as he liked my chest. I told her my chest was not a piece of display art meant for touching. She told me I was “too sensitive” and to “get over it.” #MFIF

Erin, USA


9 Responses to “Chestload of problems”

  1. esmeweatherwax Says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you: Rape Culture. Disgusting.

  2. kawaiikoganeirochan Says:

    Yes of course. Because in order for a guy to show he likes you, he must touch you inappropriately to the point where it’s sexual harassment, despite what you say, because he HAS to know what you want and knows EXACTLY what’s on your mind. Of course he can’t say that he loves your smile instead of groping your body.

    Guys like that need to learn a lesson.

  3. blackrose01 Says:

    I’m so sorry you went through that but it’s good that you dumped him, he was jerk, just know that not all men are like that but your friend was wrong to take that stance on it. It’s never okay for someone to touch you in a way that makes you uncomfortable and I hope you told her that,

  4. Kris Bradburn Says:

    I had an ex like that, too. Loved the chest a little too much (I’m also very busty). It wasn’t quite as bad as that, but he would always grab them far too roughly, and when I complained, he would say, “Come on, you know you like it.”

    Oh really? I’ve been telling you it’s too rough this whole time, but I guess the man knows far more about what does and doesn’t hurt my body than I do.

  5. jesurgislac Says:

    So glad to know he’s now your ex.

    I think his friend should become your ex-friend, too. She’s playing down his sexual assault because, I guess, she likes him and thinks of him as a friend. That makes her no friend to you.

  6. breathofawen Says:

    I have to second jesurgislac here. Someone who is that dismissive towards your feelings isn’t what I’d call a positive influence in your life.

  7. branchmonster Says:

    I once witnessed a woman telling a plaintive little girl that the reason the accompanying little boy had raspberried her (when you stick your tongue out and blow, thus spitting all over anyone in close range) was because “that is his way of showing you he likes you.” During some of my experiences as a single woman dating new people, I learned that this behavior gets carried into adulthood, only it manifests in different ways. Women like that could use a lesson from these pages.

    Good for you for standing up for yourself and getting rid of someone who treated you like that!

    • shoutingwoman Says:

      Agreed – when I was 11 a boy in my class decided to ‘show me he liked me’ by breaking my toe with a hockey stick during PE class.

      • desbarates Says:

        I never understood how the hell people think that you must hurt a person to show you like that person

        ( did the kid told you that he likes you? because I would have hated him for the rest of my school life)

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