Women are history


My wonderful American history professor told us that when he first started teaching in the mid-1990s, a young woman came into his office and asked if they were really going to be reading all of the stuff on the syllabus about women. When he said yes, she started crying for joy. Apparently, his predecessor made quite a show out of deliberately skipping over anything to do with women’s history, and regarded it as useless information since all the important stuff was done by men anyway.

I guess the accomplishments of people like Margaret Sanger, Helen Keller, Alice Paul, and Rachel Carson should just be ignored because it’s Their Fault They’re Female. #MFIF

B from USA


5 Responses to “Women are history”

  1. leeraloo Says:

    This reminds me of a class I took on film comedy (it was an honors class, in fact). The syllabus mentioned a few films we’d be watching that starred female comedians, and yet as we reached the end of the year, it became clear that not only were we not following the syllabus, but we were also not going to be watching any films with comediennes in them. So I asked the professor one day if we could, and he begrudgingly said he’d try to wedge something in. So the next week he brought in Mae West’s “She Done Him Wrong.” He prefaced it by saying how he usually didn’t show it because people didn’t like it and it was dated. And he was right (although I liked it okay; I respected Mae West for what she did and how she accomplished it during that time period, at least). And so that remained the only female-oriented comedy we watched all semester, and it left a bad taste in our mouths. I was pretty upset by it, especially when we spent entire class periods talking about male comedians, week after week.

    But the above situation pales in comparison. At least my prof eventually let us in on some female comedy history, instead of willfully ignoring it and then showing off about it.

  2. leeraloo Says:

    And by “the above situation pales in comparison,” I mean my situation pales in comparison to this entry. My apologies.

  3. mfif Says:

    This was previously published. Sorry for the repeat. I’m keeping it here for the comments…

  4. A Different Sam Says:

    If there was ever a post whose comments thread needed rebooting, it was this one; the original version was instantly derailed by “Um, Betsy Ross?” and never recovered.

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