Model of Ignorance


I sometimes work as a nude model for both photographers and artists. I post my work on various sites and keep track of other models’ and photographers’ work that I enjoy.

I came across a picture today of one of my favorite models in a somewhat yoga-like pose. She was nude, but was covered in a black fabric, and for all intents and purposes the image would have been deemed work safe as there was nothing exposed. However, some brilliant mind commented on the photo, saying, “You should have called this ‘The Art of Submission.'” You’re right, every time a woman is naked it MUST be because she’s submissive and just waiting for a dominant man to come along and rock her world. I responded to his comment, politely informing him that it was, in fact, a variation on a yoga pose (I have been doing yoga for years), to which he responded, “Well, it doesn’t look like any yoga pose I’VE ever seen.” Surely, sir, you who spend your days looking up naked ladies on the internet and demanding they be renamed according to your desires, you must indeed be familiar with yoga in ALL its forms. #MFIF

-M, Planet Earth


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8 Responses to “Model of Ignorance”

  1. Mirabella Says:

    I think, you have a false impresion of the other person. Unfortunately i don’t know, how the photo looks, but where is your problem if somebody thinks it could look like submission?
    Perhaps it could be in a context of BDSM.

    • Uly Says:

      And the other person is right to imply that this person, who does yoga, is totally wrong that that could be a yoga pose? This person’s rudeness is okay?

    • Alibelle Says:

      Having done a lot of nude life drawing, I know most people will view the female models as being in positions of submission but the male models never are. Also the teachers are more likely to pose the female models in poses that could be submissive and the males in action poses. It’s a pattern.

      Also it seems that this was posted on the OP’s website for samples of nude modeling, not a porn site. Taking that into account the poster shouldn’t have been trying to re-title SOMEONE ELSE’S WORK (this is a big deal to artists, everyone has some stupid title they think would have been better and men can be the most vocal) into something that makes sense in the “context of BDSM.”

      • Zem Says:

        “Also the teachers are more likely to pose the female models in poses that could be submissive and the males in action poses.”

        Which is why I like the group I model for. I love kicking out with action-y poses, especially for the short poses.

    • Mila Says:

      The problem is that this is an extremely common pattern. I have had several people comment on my photos saying “wow, you look so submissive here!” in a pose that was anything but – in one, I was simply stretching (?). As a nude model you get to deal with a lot of creeps making a lot of inappropriate comments and there is no reason for someone to slap a “submissive” label on every single photo of a nude female regardless of her pose.

  2. Enoon Says:

    If a nude person is covered in fabric to the point where nothing is exposed, aren’t they clothed?

    • Rena Says:

      So if I’m sleeping in the buff covered only by a throw, I’m actually clothed? Interesting theory, but wouldn’t try testing it by walking into a convenience store.

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