Listening Not A Navy Value?


I used to be in the US Navy working in a male dominated field. When we would be working on a broken piece of equipment, I would make suggestions that would be invariably shot down and told it wouldn’t work. A few minutes later one of my male colleagues would make the same suggestion, using the same words and then everyone would chime in with, “that sounds good, let’s try that”. I was usually right btw. This happened so often I began to wonder if when I was talking they literally couldn’t hear me until another male colleague came up to me and mentioned how messed up it was that they wouldn’t listen to me. To add insult to injury when my evaluation time came up, my eval said that I didn’t participate enough. Argh.
Well it’s #MFIF

Inaudible Sailor, USA

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5 Responses to “Listening Not A Navy Value?”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Urgh – I remember being on a graduate scheme & having exactly the same problem. I was also accused of not putting forward ideas by my (female) boss. When I pointed out the fact that I had but they weren’t listed to, apparently my influencing style was at fault…

    That said, once I got out the confines of the scheme, decided to be my own fairly vociferous self, it’s been better (but I still feel that I have to hit at least 25% more good ideas than the guys to be noticed & repeatedly tell my boss ‘yeah, that’s what I already told them’, but fortunately he’s the sort that suddenly goes ‘oh yeah, you did’ *sigh*).

  2. Pavlov's Cat Says:

    I think I saw that as a recurring theme on a sketch show once. Depressingly common thing to experience.

  3. Amelia Says:

    Two words: voice recorder.

  4. Sam Says:

    Sounds very familiar. I often feel that, in a group of male friends, they either don’t listen to my ideas or claims, or just don’t take them seriously – until someone else says exactly the same and all of a sudden, it’s totally obvious and correct.

    Very annoying to have basically every comment rejected with “that’s not possible”. I wouldn’t claim anything if I wasn’t absolutely CERTAIN that it was correct.

    Ah well. My fault, I’m female.

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