Gender is the Key


I purchased a new car last year.  It’s a model that uses a keyless card system.  Two weeks after purchase the warning light indicating a problem with the keyless system came on.  That started six months of going to the garage trying to get this problem solved.  I got told it was probably “dust on the sensor” or just “teething problems”.  After the fourth time this happened, I started to get angry and got told that I shouldn’t get so aggressive, else they would not help me.

Eventually I got my father and the motor industry ombudsman involved, at which point the faulty part finally got replaced (five months after the initial complaint!).  However, when my father and I went to fetch the car I got treated to having to listen to the (female) service manager explain to my father that I must have been doing something wrong, that I was keeping the key to close to my phone or in the wrong place or something.  My father kept pointing her back to me, but she continued talking to him even though I own the car and am the sole driver.  Of course, despite her opinion that I was doing something wrong, I have not had an issue since the part got replaced.  It’s obviously #MFIF.

-Woman driver, ZA.

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6 Responses to “Gender is the Key”

  1. Alibelle Says:

    Were you trying to start your car with your vagina? That was probably the problem. Vaginas will just break it, only penises can start cars. Fact.

  2. SkyHawk Says:

    One of my friends has a girlfriend who would have given this “service” lady quite an earful if this happened to her.

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