Your fault you’re gaming


Female gamers who have faced discrimination will probably find
this interesting, via Erik

Tracy Fullerton, a professor in California who teaches gaming design, talks about what it’s like to be a woman in a profession that is dominated (almost 90%) by men. “If you let anyone know you’re a girl, you’re going to get hit on or picked on”.

She goes on to describe the stereotypes that female gamers face, such as being casual, or not being good at any ‘real’ games. She also derides the terrible quality of most games marketed towards female gamers.

Inspired by the lack of women in her classes, Mindy Faber at Columbia college organizes a four day summit on gender and gaming. She believes one of the main problems facing the industry is that female gamers do not see their favorite pastime as a potential career.
Of course, they both know the real reason for these stereotypes, it’s #TFTF


11 Responses to “Your fault you’re gaming”

  1. ghera Says:

    “Hardcore” = Male, “Casual” = Female

    Gaming culture is hardcore misogynist.

    • A Different Sam Says:

      I think the article is missing the point in a lot of ways. I consider Plants Versus Zombies to be “casual” compared to “hardcore” RTS’s not because it looks cartoony but because its gameplay is tower defense-style. Then again, I mostly use the words “Hardcore” and “Casual” to refer to people who just play games for fun versus people who play in tournaments (I’m squarely in the former category), so my definitions are probably atypical.

  2. Poes Says:

    Have to agree with this post. I adore gaming. And not the ‘girlie games’, but shooters etc. Every time someone discovers I’m a girl, you get a load of questions and somehow they all think they’re better than me -which some of them are, but others definitely aren’t-. Of course they all want to prove it as well, which often results in me kicking their ass. If this happens, it was of course OBVIOUS that they were not playing their best, or letting me win, or some other lame excuse.

    #MFIF (and a better gamer)

  3. CM Says:

    I’m a gamer, and I like this feminist/ally gaming blog:

    They into quite some detail about misogyny in game development, and have some great links to articles and discussions.

  4. girl Says:

    Pretty much.
    It’s like when you walk into the store and look at all the horrid titles like “Imagine Babysitter Field Trip Expansion Pack”.

  5. Meg Thornton Says:

    Female, gamer (since age 15 , so about 24 years now), and while I wouldn’t describe myself as a “hardcore” gamer, I am interested enough in gaming and games design and similar to be studying a Computer Science/Games Technology double major at university. I have to admit to not getting a lot of the “oh, you’re a girl, so you’re automagically bad at games” stuff, but I suspect this is mostly because I tend to keep my head down, don’t talk too much on chat in MMOs, and because I’m in a rather weird situation with regard to timezone and preferred language (English speaker in zone GMT+8).

    I’ve found what works for me is not getting too involved in the social side of gaming culture, simply because I don’t have the same goals with my gaming that the majority of people who are involved in gaming culture appear to have. I’m not in it to make friends – I’m in it for the challenge of playing the game, and the escapism involved. I’m the type of person who’d prefer a walk-through raid rather than a run-through; I like the idea of using strategy rather than brute force in PvP combat (like the WoW battlegrounds). I’m doing this to keep my brain ticking over, not to prove something about the size of my gonads – if I want to amble through things, taking my time and exploring the plot, then I’ll do that. If someone else thinks I’m Doing It Rong, that’s their opinion. I don’t give a hoot.

    Oh, and if the guys in my classes at uni don’t like the fact that firstly, I’m keen on games (despite being 39, female and fat) and secondly I’m pretty good at computing, then that’s their headache.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Well, women are poor gamers.
    You never see any women on the leaderboards.
    Point taken.

    • A Different Sam Says:

      Unsuccessful troll is unsuccessful. Go back to 4chan.

    • CM Says:

      “You never see any women on the leaderboards.”

      Lrnfeminism or gtfo troll. Yeah, you WILL see lots of women on leaderboards. They just don’t want to say they’re women because they’ll get idiots like you harping on their gender.

      Gawd, white, cis, hetero, gamer boys can be vile little toads.

  7. Ingen Says:

    Casual =/= female
    Think about it. Halo is basically the archetype of the Casual game, and I’m pretty sure it’s not marketed at women.

  8. stickmanltd Says:

    For the record, I am practically a god when it comes to the Soul Calibur series of fighting games. I’m not sure why. Just innate talent. It took me YEARS to find someone who can actually stand up to me in that game, and even kick my ass a little.

    She just had her first child in April, so we haven’t had much time to game lately though. 🙂

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