Too good for him


I was in a two year abusive relationship with a man. It started off with jokes at my expense such as “Yeah, tubby” and him ‘playfully’ biting me until I screamed or begged for him to stop. It progressed into constantly putting me down, isolating me from my friends and family and an incident of sexual abuse. I came to my senses after I found how that he was cheating on me with his best (female) friend. In months later, I asked him why he did it to me. His answer was “I thought you were too pretty and good for me so I needed to keep you with me.”

So I guess I deserved that because it’s MFIF



4 Responses to “Too good for him”

  1. IMTB Says:

    No question you’re too good for him, but what he was doing was a silencing tactic. Horrific.

  2. Jazz Says:

    I’m so sorry you had to go through a relationship like that and I hope you are proud of yourself for finding the strength to leave him. You are obviously too good for a jerk like that and i definitely agree with the above comment that it is a silencing technique. I realise we all use the term mmif in a ironic sense but I do hope that you realise that nothing he did to you was your fault and I wish you all the best.

  3. BD Says:

    It’s surprising he HAD a best friend who was female.

  4. Ada Says:

    I’m sorry you endured all this abuse. I stayed with an abuser for two and a half years and, like you, finally came to my senses.

    Abusers don’t think that anything they do is wrong – in their minds it’s always our fault for being too sensitive, stupid, fat, jealous, flirty, etc. Like Jazz said, I hope you’ve realized it wasn’t your fault and nothing you did would have made him treat you differently.

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