Neil Lyndon #fail


The writer of this piece must have been jumping for joy when he discovered this study, which seems to be the perfect means for him to vent his irrational hatred of the ‘poisonous creed’ of feminism.

via Jen

Neil Lyndon writes about big dumb cars and why ladies and their feminism are silly.

He thinks women should also stop whining.

How do we feel about Neil Lyndon? Comment below, and let’s hope he reads it.


25 Responses to “Neil Lyndon #fail”

  1. Kali Says:

    …what planet is he living on?O_O

  2. A Different Sam Says:

    Ever since the late Sixties, it has been an incontestable article of faith in the feminist creed that men are lazy, slobbish, barbaric, barely civilisable and incapable of switching on the vacuum cleaner without breaking it

    Oh, hi, I can do strawmen too! Here, watch this: “Ever since the late Sixties, it has been an incontestable article of faith in the creed of everyone who disagrees with me that black is white, night is day, Nazis are pretty cool, two and seven make four, and the residents of Andorra are the most perfect people in the world and everyone else is a worthless piece of trash.” See, now that I’ve shown how silly my opposition is, it’s obvious that I must be right!

  3. Sara Says:

    C’mon I appreciate Lyndon needs to earn money and through spouting poison he manages to get published because he’s contraversial but isn’t their enough poison in the world without people having to read this tripe.

    I actually find the misogynist viewpoint baffling. why be so full of hate, it doesn’t even make any sense

  4. Molly Says:

    “The long night of modern feminism might be about to end”

    Ammm no, I don’t think so. It’s been around a lot longer that you Neil and will no doubt will still be here long after you’re gone.

    Why is it when men do ‘normal’ day to day stuff they expect a standing ovation, ‘look at me – I can do housework’. Why is it when men look after kids, it’s a big deal (look at me, I even look after the kids) Errrmmm they are your kids numpty, that’s what you are meant to do.
    We should be upset over Neils article, we should be happy for him…. pat yourself on the back along with your research and get on it… it’s only housework and parenting, no?
    May the long long night of modern feminism continue! x

  5. Molly Says:

    That should read, we should NOT be upset over Neil’s article… I missed out NOT, did I not? 🙂 x

  6. Lin Says:

    Jesus H. I’ve never heard of this guy before, so when I started reading one of the articles you linked to I thought, “this MUST be satire.” These are by far some of the most ridiculous articles I have ever read. Un-fucking-believable.

  7. Julian Says:

    He earns a living writing this drivel. He’s been doing it for years including a book entitled No More Sex War which is rather accurately reviewed here: That was published in 1992 – he was claiming feminism had “gone too far” in the same year that it finally became a criminal act for a man to rape his wife. (I don’t suggest he’s a wife-rapist, just that with hindsight it’s clear that far from having gone too far, feminism still had a long way to go!)

    Personally, I find it difficult to empathise with a man who refers to women as “females.”

  8. Rorshak (1313) Says:

    I don’t know much about this guy, but his articles make it evident that’s he’s a tool of the worst kind.

  9. hk Says:

    interesting, his marriage failed? i wonder HOW IN THE WORLD WHY?

    • A Different Sam Says:

      hk wins this thread.

    • Meg Says:


      I found it kind of strange that none of the sites he’s written for seem to have a photograph of him, as is common in most opinion articles I’ve seen in print and online. I suspect he’s actively avoiding sites that require a photograph of the “journalist” because “he” is an elaborate sockpuppet troll.

      • Meg Says:

        Of course, by “none of the sites he’s written for”, I mean none of the sites I could find via a 2-minute Google search, which is frankly enough of a waste of time as it is.

  10. Holly Says:

    I think nothing would thrill this idiot more than to know that we’re paying attention to him. Let this man waste away in obscurity, choking on his own bile.

    • Dude Says:

      Lots of people believe in this sort of bile. It’s worthwhile to know the arguments people use, however insane they may sound, when those people write laws and run countries.

  11. Enoon Says:

    I hate to say it, but posting this will lead to a HUGE amount of traffic to his article, boost his ratings, and convince his superiors he’s doing EXACTLY what he should be to bring in more delicious eyeballs for the advertisers.

  12. Thirteen Says:

    Oh great. One of those links goes to a site owned by the publishing company I work for. Paying his freelance rate is obviously a much better use of our financial resources than giving bigger raises to underpaid staff writers. *sigh*

    That said, this is by no means the most pernicious bit of sexist tat we put out, following a recent magazine acquisition. (I may rant at a later point.)

    Neil Lyndon is clearly a troll.
    The main difference between him and half the commenters at 4chan and cheezburger networks is that he manages to get paid for it.

    This isn’t meant to excuse his opinions – he’s obviously a twat and I wish he’d put a sock in it. However, I’d bet that over 50% of his click-throughs will be from people like me, who can’t hear about car-crash journalism of this caliber without going to read it. It’s really hard not to feed the trolls sometimes.

  13. anna Says:

    To those of us in the UK, this guy’s witterings are old hat. I used to get annoyed but this has faded to a sort of pity for an embittered nobody who can only scrape a living by being ‘controversial’ about feminism. I just bypass anything with his byline. (Didn’t actually read the link here – I know the sort of drivel he spouts.)

    I think his animosity started when his wife left him. He not only blames her, but the rest of us as well. (Well, couldn’t be his fault she left, could it?)

    Enoon is right: just ignore him.

  14. J Says:

    Sigh. I can tell this will just make me angry, and I’m not even going to bother to read this rubbish. It’d be a waste of my time. I already read and hear enough misogyny daily.

  15. Emily Says:

    After reading the article, and the even more horrifying comments after the article, I get it. Women are whiners, manipulators, responsibility shirkers, and custody snatcher. You can’t stand us or our feminist propaganda. Fine. Now would you kindly stop trying to flirt with me in the aisles of Home Depot? Could you let me go about my grocery shopping without stopping me to ask for help with my list? Can I please eat my lunch at a cafe in peace without your inquiries as to why I’m dining alone and wether or not I’d like company? If I didn’t know that you thought I was shiftless and complainy, I’d think you were attempting to procreate with me, in which case, I’d only trap you into working back breaking hours only to come home to do all the housework and become the primary caregiver for the children whilst I jaunt off to my feminist coven gathering to badmouth you to the world at large.

    • H Says:

      Yeah, the articles are bad on the DM, it’s better not to even glance at the comments unless you want your mouthful of tea to come snorting back out of your nostrils in shock. But it’s not just the Mail – the comments are bad all over the place, even on the ‘good’ papers like the Guardian and the Independent, and the worst ones are usually the highest recommended.

      Great post, btw!

  16. eskay Says:

    i’m rolling my eyes at a lot of the commenters to this piece. ‘Oh, why are there no shelters for abused men’? Maybe that’s because men haven’t mobilised to do something about it. most shelters/help that is offered to women is due to the grass roots actions of other women. yo, check your privileges. guess what? male interest isn’t just INTEREST. you are not the default setting.

    but thanks to proving to everyone that feminist still has a point in the 21st century.

    • Trix Says:

      Oh, I had that argument in here in Australia quite recently. “Why are there no shelters for TEH MENZ???? Men suffer from domestic violence as well! It’s a feminazi conspiracy from the govt!”

      There was much shock and horror when I pointed out that women’s refuges were started up by women THEMSELVES and went for many years before they started getting govt grants – and no more of those than any other charitable institution. Not to mention the fact that the first point of call for a man experiencing domestic violence is exactly the organisations that run refuges – they do referrals even if they can’t directly provide services.

      The ignorance, it burns.

      • makomk Says:

        I think there are a few privately-funded refuges around for male victims of domestic violence, but without financial backing from either the government or major NGOs they tend to be fairly short-lived. They’re quite hard to get donations for; the public don’t seem to feel it’s a real problem and don’t want to be associated with helping male domestic violence victims. (After all, the popular discourse says that women don’t hit men, that any man beaten by his female partner must’ve done something to deserve it. Did you see some of the coverage of Tiger Woods for example?)

        Also, at least in the US there have been widespread problems with various domestic violence organisations referring male victims to helplines for male perpetrators of domestic violence, presumably on the lovely basis that they must’ve done something to deserve it.

  17. JR Says:

    I find nothing funnier than middle class, middle aged white men playing their little violins and dressing themselves up as oppressed. You get these guys on every comment section of every newspaper website, chuntering on about how they are ‘the last acceptable prejudice’ and ‘second class citizens’ when actually statistics show that they are anything but. There are some very dedicated trolls on the Daily Mail website who trawl for any article about domestic violence against women in order to comment on it. Thus, after an article in which a woman relates how her husband regularly raped her and broke her bones you’ll get some prick commenting on the ‘anti-male bias’ which ‘ignores the much bigger problem of domestic violence against men’. A fair point, but is an article in which a woman bravely relates stories of horrifying, sickening abuse the place to say this?

    Men like this chap Lyndon do not like women. They think they do, but they like an idealised woman who no longer exists, if she ever did at all. They like the woman-figure that their fathers told them to expect and the sight of women who have priorities other than being their dish-washing sex slave is simply too much to bear. That’s why you get so many of those poor, lonely bastards going to Thailand and the Ukraine to get ripped off by dubious mail-order brides.

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