Beer kills ladybrain


I was working at a real ale festival, and a woman came up to me and asked for a specific beer. I was about to tell her that it wasn’t on any of the pumps at that point and she should come back later, when the man standing next to me jumped in:

Him: “Hmm, is this your first pint? It’s over 5%, that’s very strong, you know!”
Her: “No, but it’s for my boyfriend anyway…”
Him: “Ah, I thought so! Oh, I’m sorry, we don’t have it on at the moment anyway.”

I guess women’s tastebuds are just too delicate for good strong beer… #HFSF



19 Responses to “Beer kills ladybrain”

  1. SQ Says:

    Where is 5% very strong for a beer? I thought that was about standard for a lager, and in Belgium that is usually the lightest beer you can get…

  2. Trix Says:

    Well, damn, I’d better give up my favourite Chimay Bleue (9%) then!

  3. Burnt Cheese Says:

    No, an 11% ABV barleywine is strong. I hope clods like this don’t turn other women off of trying better beer. There is so much more variety out there than flavorless yellow suds.

  4. shoutingwoman Says:

    Being a fully-paid up member of CAMRA, I love walking into a beer fest (we go to a lot) and asking for the 10% ale that sounds good. The looks I get off the men serving are priceless!

  5. Julian Says:

    Another CAMRA member here – I love going to a beer festival and when I’m asked what sort of thing I like, answering that I’m not so keen on the very hoppy ales and prefer a maltier taste, and can name my favourite beers / breweries. Responses range from good (“You’ll probably like the Old Toe Nibbler then, or hang on, try a little bit of the Mulchston’s Dragon Ale”) to bad (flummoxed look and a bad joke about me being the first woman they’ve met who knows about beer) to dreadful (trying to persuade me that what I really want is something as close to lager as possible, because that’s what ladies like).

    • Lin Says:

      I know what you mean! There is a restaurant/bar in town that serves over 150 different beers. I love going there and trying new things. One night I was there with my friends and I ordered a strong Belgian ale. The server looked really surprised and said he’d never heard a woman order a Belgian before. I know he meant it as a complement, but what did he expect me to order? An MGD 64?

      • shoutingwoman Says:

        Yep! And then they try to persuade you that what you really want is the fruit Belgian beers that come in girly colours (don’t get me wrong, I enjoy those too), but what I usually want is a half of what I actually asked for!

        (I don’t have to explain to fellow CAMRAs that beer at festivals is best drunk in halves 😉 )

  6. Lin Says:

    I’ve been thinking about this some more, and I think it kind of freaks men out when they meet a woman who enjoys good beer as much as they do. Beer is stereotypically a manly beverage, and if women appreciate it too, then some men may feel threatened by it. Rather than accept that all women are capable of loving good beer, it makes them more comfortable to assume that you are the exception.

    • The Heff Says:

      It doesn’t freak me out. But you are in a minority there. Nearly everyone who orders beer at the pub I work in is a man. But when a woman orders one, my first instinct isn’t to faint.

      • Julian Says:

        Hopefully more male barstaff will get used to it and react like you – I’m quite often asked “are you sure?” or “have you tried that before?” when I order real ale in a pub.

  7. Poes Says:

    Since I’m from Belgium, you would hope the waiters here would be used to women ordering the stronger beers. However, one night when I was out with my boyfriend and he was driving, we ordered a soda and a Duvel (8,5%). Another waiter brought us our order and without asking he put the Duvel in front of my BF. When I told him that the beer was for me, he looked at me suspiciously, as if I was trying to make a fool out of him …

    I guess women only exist to get their man home safely after a night out.

  8. Charlotte Says:

    I’m a beer lover too (and a woman, obvs), and not just that light stuff marketed at women, but I love Guinness, which is as about as black and strong as you can get! People tend to look twice at me drinking this, because for starters, I’m not a burly bloke, but look like a 13-year-old holding a massive stein, it’s hilarious. Point is, it’s so annoying the gender stereotypes that come with alcohol, it’s the same for men who get scoffed at for enjoying champagne or say, cocktails, drinks that are aimed at women, frivolous, bubbly tripe. I say let’s f’ing drink what we enjoy and who gives a hoot.

    • Matt G. Says:

      Hear, hear.

      As a man, when I decide to order a strawberry daiquiri is one of the few times that I’m the target of sexism. I have eclectic tastes, which has no bearing whatsoever on my genitalia!

      I pity those who restrict the variety of experiences that they allow themselves, in order not to run afoul of stereotypes.

  9. Jen Says:

    I love my real ale and my boyfriend will happily drink either beer or white wine depending on what he fancies at the time. Me drinking a pint and him with a delicate glass of pinot grigio usually attracts some furrowed brows!

  10. masmultblog Says:

    I wouldn’t feel too bad about it. I was once refused more than half a pint of 9% stout at a CAMRA event, and I had to argue for that (I’m male) I think some of them think their beer is too strong for people without beards. The GF drinks proper beer too, whenever I have a lager they always get the order the wrong way round, and my sister can’t understand why she would drink guinness. Personally I find women who can actually stomach a real drink hot, as well as generally more interesting, but there you go, obviously that is just me.

  11. Dude Says:

    5% is strong? I guess that’s where the story comes from: ‘American Beer, Canadian Water’.

  12. K Says:

    I was somewhat dubious about the “5% is very strong” assertion as well; I guess he meant “5% is very strong for a woman”…

    Having enjoyed two pints of it the night before, I can particularly recommend it. It’s quite sweet, having been matured in a whisky cask, and is currently top of my favourite beers tried at the festival list:

  13. ninjapenguin Says:

    Count me in on those puzzled by the “5% is very strong” remark. I didn’t really drink any beer before moving to Germany, but now I enjoy sampling the different brews whenever we go out. A quick look at the bottles in my kitchen show that two of the three are over 5%; the only one under is a beer/lemonade mix. And the only time Germans look at me (a woman) weird is when I *don’t* order a beer!

  14. sabotabby Says:

    I’m Canadian. 5% is weaksauce.

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