I have a summer internship working in IT. One of my first weeks here, there was an intern “meet and greet” for all of the interns in the offices in this area. Out of about a hundred people, I met maybe four other girls. On top of that, when asked my major, the reaction to hearing that I’m studying computer science was something along the lines of “watch out, you’re in a minority!” I’ve also been told that I’m “not a normal girl” by other (male) interns because I don’t like Twilight. I’m sorry, my vagina means that I have to like a poorly written book series?


12 Responses to “Eclipsed”

  1. sitakali Says:

    “I’m sorry, my vagina means that I have to like a poorly written book series?”

    I love that. That’s exactly, what it is, we have a vagina and men don’t. Somehow, that makes us incredibly different to them, and inferior in many ways. Are people with long hair superior to those who don’t? Cause that would be nice for me.

  2. H Says:

    I know this is also a bit of a mean stereotype, but you should have asked the person who made that comment about Twilight just how many normal girls he’d actually met, since IT boys are well-known for struggling to engage with real women. Maybe that would have put him in his place.

    Sometimes having these idiots put sexist obstacles in your way can spur you on to do even better than you would anyway, so I hope that trying extra hard to prove them wrong is what you take from this! Good on you for studying a male-dominated subject, and good luck in your future career.

    • Krischan Says:

      Of course IT boys are known to struggling with real life women. Mostly because these women like Twilight, as is also known. There is your vicious circle of life.

      If you encounter any sarcasm in my statement, you can keep it.

  3. Trix Says:

    What, you don’t read with your VAGINA? Obviously, you’re doin’ it rong.

  4. Arienette Says:

    Your genitals don’t make your book choices for you?
    Man, where did I go wrong? How else am I supposed to choose what I like if I don’t do it by going along with what the majority of people with the same genitalia seem to like? Am I supposed to like, use my brain or something?
    No way. That can’t be it.

  5. Elly Says:

    I think its good you don’t like Twilight, it’s sexist and was written to hide a message of pro-abstainence and normalises abusive relationships.

  6. Dude Says:

    I don’t know any girls that like twilight either. Perhaps none of them have vaginas…

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