Good mother/bad mother


I have a friend who is about to go away to Florida (and we’re currently in Louisiana) for Ph.D. school, so I won’t really get to see her as much. So a bunch of us went out to the casino. I had just had a baby, so I left my 10 and 1/2 week old girl with her FATHER and GRANDMOTHER.

Another friend of mine and I went to the bathroom while we were at the casino, and when I was about to walk out, this woman than I know walked out of one of the stalls (very, very, very drunk), looked me up and down, and said “Where’s your baby?” Well, I’ve had her! She then replies with a complete straight face: “You should be at home with your baby. She’s only like, what a month old? I waited until mine were 6 months old before I went ANYWHERE” and then left. I was so stunned.

Since I have a baby, I can’t go anywhere with my friends? At all? It’s not like I left her with some random stranger. Wow. But you, know, #MFIF



3 Responses to “Good mother/bad mother”

  1. Nelle Says:

    Wow, I’d love to see her reaction to my Mom. When I was born, my Mom worked and my Dad was working on his PhD dissertation. My Mom went back to work after 6 weeks while my Dad worked on his dissertation from home and took care of me. For the next three years.

  2. BranchMonster Says:

    Imagine the contributions that woman’s children will make in the world. And hey! Since she’s free to leave the house, now, she’s obviously making up for all that lost time when she couldn’t drink too much and run her mouth.

  3. powerspowers Says:

    “where’s your baby?”
    “whoops ? I left it in the toilet/on casino table/at the bar”

    I also like conversations like this:
    “where’s your baby?”
    “with his dad”
    “aw bless it’s so good of him babysitting so you can have the night off”
    because we’d obviously say the same to a man out when when his children were under 3 years old?

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