Fire in the workshop


Smalltalk with our plumber, a friendly and clever guy in his forties, while he’s working. I am quite practical, too, and have always felt respected when communicating with him about the plumbing works that have to be done.
I ask him about his children and learn that he has two daughters, both around the age of 20, and he tells me what they do (I’ve forgotten by now). When I ask if none of them will be taking over the father’s plumbing workshop, he is totally shocked and screams “Never! Before I give my firm to a girl, I’d rather set it on fire.”


Plumber’s Daughters, Germany


One Response to “Fire in the workshop”

  1. BranchMonster Says:

    I’ll have to disagree with you about the part where you described the plumber as “clever.”

    Then, I will pretend that what he meant was “because they are still girls and they have lots to learn while they grow into women. I am confident a woman could manage my business very well and my daughters could certainly learn to take over the business, if they express an interest in doing so.”

    Well, I feel better.

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