DIY lady doesn’t know her place


Seeing as I work slightly less than 40 hours/week , and as a school librarian who has school holidays off, I am the one who does most of the home upkeep. Not the chores, mind you, those we split fairly equitably, but the to do list of little repairs and improvements.

I spend a lot of time at home improvement stores during the summer, and EVERY SINGLE TIME I go alone, someone makes a comment about me being a girl doing this sort of stuff. Either I am getting ‘complimented’ on being ‘brave’ for getting the parts for a leaking faucet (and a condescending ‘well good for you for trying it’ when I said I would be the one fixing it, not the husband they asked about), or I get the blank stare of disbelief for asking where the mortar is and a ‘are you sure you want to do a project like that?’.

I have walked into an aisle with male customers also in it, and had employees walk past them to ask if I need help and can they explain anything to me.

And if I don’t go alone? They talk to my husband. Always, even if I asked the questions. At one point my husband stopped a guy and said ‘look, talk to her, she’s the one who does this stuff, I’m just here to have an opinion.’ And the guy seemed completely thrown by it.

Of course, it’s #MFIF

The Handy Girl in AZ


3 Responses to “DIY lady doesn’t know her place”

  1. pascal Says:

    Our local hardware store has an even split between female/male employees. So to keep the sexism up, the customers have to help out, I see them regularly camping at the help desk until the 3 women (from the metalware department) are occupied so they can talk to the guy (form the rug & color department) about some metalware.

    Also, often if somebody talks to a female employee, some male customer will come along and hijack the conversation, because she can’t possibly be conveying any useful information…

  2. Sophia Says:

    Here is a come back that worked for me when I was putting down a 3/4 inch tongue and groove oak floor in my house: can you tell me please just what part of this job you think I cannot do? It worked every time.

  3. TK Says:

    Believe it or not, my mom gets stared at by men if she steps outside and powerwashes the siding of the house to get rid of mold and old paint. A WOMAN powerwashing?! Impossible?! I swear, they looked like their brains were going to explode! I mean, it isn’t physically demanding, you are just waving a plastic wand around and water just happens to come out of it at high pressure.

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