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Attractive AND intelligent? – forget your career

August 31, 2010

“Do Sexy Profs Get Derailed From the Tenure Track?” – article about attractive women being disadvantaged in male-dominated careers such as academia. The author should probably stop complaining: after all, it’s HFSF.



Fantasia Barrino’s father – Your fault you got raped

August 31, 2010

This is a really sad story: the fact that the young woman in question, a singer, was raped as a teenager is bad enough. What makes it even more sickening is that her own father blamed her for the attack, suggesting that her dress sense gave the message that “There’s a party over here.” Gee, thanks pops!

I can only imagine what it must’ve felt like to have a parent betray you like that. And not only that, but she felt she had to give up school when other boys started threatening to repeat the attack (sort of begs the question, where the hell were the school authorities when this was happening?)

When your rapist succeeds in ruining your education and your father blames you for “running around in little dresses”, you know it’s #YFYF. More power to her for becoming successful despite it all.

Amy #fail

August 29, 2010

What a silly woman. To think that she DARE get into a care, everyone knows what women drivers are like. Serves her right when the airbag hits her in the face and she screams like a helpless idiot.


NB This ad is currently being shown on the UK TV channel ‘Dave’.


Over the limit

August 29, 2010

Today is one of my friend, S’s 21st birthday. We live in the US, so that means she’s finally legally able to drink. Her mom posted a comment on her Facebook page saying S is a blessing and that she should have fun and have a glass of wine when she goes out to dinner tonight. Sweet, right?

Then S’s aunt responded to that comment. “Don’t start her on that path…heard the glass of wine is really two when given in restaurants and too many calories, plus alcohol content far surpasses what a woman should be drinking.”

So S shouldn’t have fun on her freaking birthday because a) alcohol will make her fat and that’s the worst thing in the world and b) S isn’t allowed to decide for herself (as an adult!) what to do with her body because it might not be ladylike or something.

Guess it’s #HFSF


Her fault she’s transsexual

August 29, 2010

This story appeared in a UK newspaper:

6ft 3in transsexual ‘forced to apologise to colleagues for wearing dress to work … and then sacked’


via Mel

Clean vagina = career success

August 29, 2010

via Issy, Kirsten, Sam and Daniela

Want a raise? Wash that vagina, ladies.


A grotesquely sexist ad placed in a popular US women’s Magazine, Women’s Day. Spending years becoming educated and being a good worker has nothing to do with our worth, it’s whether or not we douche in the middle of the day that will get us a raise? WTF Summer’s Eve, WTF Women’s Day?

Our Fault We’re Female, I guess.

Complaints can go to or US (212) 767-6000. Summer’s Eve can be contacted at US 866-787-6383 or


Heineken – woman like shoes. Man like beer.

August 26, 2010

This from our contributor Sarah Kate, on Heineken’s sexist advertising

Last night I saw this Heineken advert for the first time. A woman is showing a group of her friends around her house and especially into this huge closet/small room full of shoes. They all start squealing and shrieking with delight. Acceptable so far, there’s nothing wrong with the fact that some women really appreciate shoes.

Then it cuts to the man who lives with her showing his friends around and taking them into an identical room but the walls are lined with beer. They all start yelling with joy in a very similar way but nowhere near as high pitched. It cuts back to the women who look confused and then to the title of the product.

It seems like it’s belittling the women’s excitement and using very tired old stereotypes. There are plenty of women who would be just as excited as the men about the beer and plenty of men who would be just as excited about the shoes as the women. It just felt wrong.

via Sarah Kate, UK

Who are the real creeps here?

August 26, 2010

I should start by saying I’m severely arachnophobic. So arachnophobic in fact that when a large spider (say 2.5 inches including legs) landed on my head and crawled down my arm, I screamed so loud the neighbours called round. I’m not proud, but it is what it is.

That said, I went to do a volunteering project with my work. There were numerous tasks, including painting, cutting down trees, planting, pulling weeds and transporting soil (shovelling and barrowing). The more artistic people volunteered for the painting and since I wouldn’t have been great, I wasn’t chosen for that task (I’m okay at painting, but not the level they were looking for.)

When it got to the garden however, I made it pretty clear that I was totally willing to labour, but really didn’t do well with minibeasts, so might be best felling trees and doing the digging rather than weeding / planting. I’ve also got a bit of experience felling trees and regularly train with weights at the gym.

Despite this, I couldn’t so much as dig out a bucket of earth without someone coming across and saying they couldn’t watch me do that heavy work because they were ‘a bloke’. I really couldn’t cope with that many creepy crawlies – okay very female – but I could lift and carry as much or more soil than the (older) chaps in question….

Guess phobias are okay, as long as they don’t interfere with the gender split of work. #MFIF

Male writer comes out as female

August 26, 2010

James Chartrand, a writer over at CopyBlogger, is a woman, who used a pseudonym because her work as a woman wasn’t being respected.

After struggling to pay her bills, ‘James’ turned to writing to make money, but it was only when she began using a pseudonym that she was making enough to support her family.

From ‘James’:

You know me as James Chartrand of Men with Pens, a regular Copyblogger contributor for just shy of two years.

And yet, I’m a woman.
This is not a joke or an angle or an analogy — I’m literally a woman.
This is my story.

Guy needing guidance

August 24, 2010

A friend of mine has always been very interested in becoming a forest guide. Among the things she learned to be certified, axe safety was her favorite.

In her household, there are essentially two chores. Getting firewood cut and inside, and doing the dishes. Understandably, she wanted to switch chores once in a while with her brother, because cutting wood? That’s something she LOVES to do.

Her brother threw a fit. There was no way he was doing the dishes because that was a “girl’s chore.”

When his parents heard about this, they made him do dishes for a month.


Satisfied Friend, USA

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