Just what she needed


Back when I was in college, I was once unlucky enough to have had my drink spiked on a night out. Once I got over the utter terror of having woken in my own bed with no idea of how or when I got there, I went to the college GP to get the morning after pill and whatever other tests would need to be done (sensible 19 year old that I was).

I sat for over an hour in the waiting room, only to be told by the doctor that I was clearly an alcoholic because I’d had more than 2 drinks the night before, and that I should give up alcohol. If I had no more “episodes” over the next 3 months, I would have proved him right. He also refused to write me a prescription or check for signs of possible rape.

His smugness didn’t ebb in the slightest as he shooed me from his surgery in tears. #MFIF

GG, Dublin.


15 Responses to “Just what she needed”

  1. CM Says:

    My heartfelt sympathies, and platonic net hugs if you want them.

    I hope you got the treatment you needed in the end elsewhere, and that scumbag got what was coming to him.

  2. sz Says:

    What a horrible experience. x

  3. Mandolin Says:

    Oh god, I’m sorry.

  4. sitakali Says:

    Wow, that’s really disgusting and makes me feel homicidal. Hang on. *deeep breath* Okay, I think I’m okay. That man should have been sued for malpractice and had is career destroyed. Did you ever find out if you had been raped?

  5. Holly Says:

    Sheer wow. While this site isn’t the place for it, is there anywhere you can go to “name and shame” this guy? He was totally unprofessional and judgmental and ought not to have contact with female patients if he’s going to treat them in such a patronizing and unhelpful manner. I hope you went somewhere else and got the treatment and checks you needed (and I hope they all came back clear).

  6. A Different Sam Says:

    This is what happens if you actually try to use Dr. House’s strategy of assuming that all patients are lying monsters and extrapolating ridiculous conclusions from the tiniest of details.

  7. Jaynie Says:

    That’s disgusting. Not only did he not believe you, but he wanted to punish you for possibly having sex.

  8. SecondaryMotion Says:

    forgive my ignorance, but is this the same part of Ireland where it`s impossible to get an abortion as well? (i recall a story of a woman who was forced to come to england for the procedure)
    it seems mindblowingly biased towards making life difficult for women in these situations, to the point where i wonder how it`s ethical?

    • Luna_the_cat Says:

      It isn’t ethical, simple answer. But I’ve run into this kind of smug assertion before; typically in older doctors who think they#ve “seen it all” and who don’t bother listening or questioning the assumptions they were taught as children. They don’t think they are being unethical.

      …I’m going to add to the chorus of people hoping that GG was ok.

  9. Butterflywings Says:

    This makes me so angry. Another hope that you’re OK and got the care you needed in the end, GG.

  10. Ayla Says:

    I hope you reported him to the school. That is not acceptable and he sounds like he could be a VERY dangerous liability.

  11. Tamora Pierce Says:

    I’m with all of these people. What he did was dead wrong and I hope you found the right doctor.

    When I was having what turned out to be my first bladder infection, my general practitioner told me that such infections “could close the gateway to pregnancy.” Truth.

    • A Different Sam Says:

      Assuming that that’s all your GP said, that sounds like a perfectly reasonable medical warning; if you were male, I doubt he/she would withhold the information that your infection could render you infertile. What was he/she supposed to do, just not give you medical information he/she had about your infection?

      Of course, perhaps there’s more to the story. But just saying that your doctor said that and then saying “Truth” as if it were scandalous falls a tad flat.

  12. BranchMonster Says:

    This is prompting tears. I am so sorry any of that happened to you. It was completely undeserved. I hope you get the professional attention and care you need. I see you’re getting some of the understanding and care you deserve here.

  13. Pissed at doctors Says:

    WTF is up with that doctor? her drink got spiked, and even if he didnt belive that was the case, its his JOB to do the god damn tests, or get fired, listen to me, unlucky poster of this, get this guy fired

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