Crosschannel School Run


I work in a role were I am constantly on road and could be anywhere in the country or even overseas. My husband is the primary carer for our children as he works 10 minutes from the school. It is on all the official forms that he is the first point of contact.

Yet every single time there is any issue like left lunch at home I get the phone call. Like WTF do you expect me to do I am not even in the same time zone and there is at least 500 miles and big thing called the Channel [between UK and France] is not like I can just run the missing lunch up to the school in five minutes…. #MFIF

Travelling Birthing Unit


3 Responses to “Crosschannel School Run”

  1. The Heff Says:

    I’d get them to take your mobile number off your kids contact sheet and add your home number instead.

  2. Kelephonica Says:

    The Heff – it doesn’t work like that. Schools demand a long list of contact numbers for children. They take home numbers, mobiles, grandparents, sometimes even next door neighbours. I think you’re missing the point here – in that of all the numbers they hold they always go for the mother’s.

    Thanks for this story. Me and my husband are hoping for kids eventually and plan to have a less than conventional childcare set up. I imagine this happens a lot.

  3. Lbutlr Says:

    This drives me up the wall. My wife is a teacher, and not at the same school as our kids. The staff at the school knows that I am the primary contact because it says so on the forms. My father-in-law, who is retired and generally available is designated as the secondary contact. My mother, also retired, is the tertiary contact. My wife is listed as the quaternary contact which effectively means she should *never* be called. Yet all the robo-calls go to her classroom phone.

    Someone at her school district had to actually decide to move her name to the top of the list and ignored the fact that the phone was obviously a classroom phone. Nothing we’ve said in 7 years has been able to change this.

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