Screw your way to the top, ladies


I was talking to a somewhat older man the other day. I’d put him to be in his fifties. He was very open-minded and had no problem with lesbians, gays, bisexuals, pansexuals, smart women, even stay-at-home dads. Finally he had to ruin it.

Him: What would you like to be when you leave school?
Me: Well I’m thinking of getting into politics.
Him: So you’re going to sleep with all the men to earn your rank instead of getting a respectable job, like nursing or waitressing? Or maybe stay home and look after your man and kids?
Me: I hate kids. I don’t want kids.
Him: Oh. You’ll change your mind when your a bit older, all women want kids, all women want to please their husband.

Obviously a female can’t do politics without having to sleep with everyone to earn her success. Strange thing is we have a female PM at the moment, and I highly doubt SHE slept with important people to get there. Or maybe I just had a moment and actually said I wanted to be a high class prostitute… but I doubt it.

I guess I should do the ‘settle down with kids’ thing and forget my dreams because it’s #MFIF

… No.

Big Dreamer; Australia.


6 Responses to “Screw your way to the top, ladies”

  1. A Different Sam Says:

    Wait a minute, the guy who said this was previously fine with non-heterosexuals and stay-at-home dads? I mean, this sort of bigoted nonsense is always idiotic, but it isn’t usually this internally inconsistent.

  2. CM Says:

    ADS: I wonder how he would also grok a lesbian leader. “Sleep way to top…er…ummm *head explosion*”

    • A Different Sam Says:

      XD Win.

      I really am confused, though. How do you go from being fine with smart women and stay-at-home dads to saying that all women must be whores, lower-tier workers, or homemakers? How do you go from being fine with lesbians to saying that all women want to please their husband?

      It’s a shame this guy’s head didn’t really explode the way sci-fi computers always do when presented with anything vaguely resembling a logical inconsistency.

  3. Big Dreamer Says:

    Not sure at all. I walked away confused and slightly annoyed that I’d wasted my time. Looking back I really should have pointed out the stupidity in what he said, but oh well.

  4. Muk Says:

    The most annoying thing hearing idiotic prattle like that is that I, as a woman, have largely only gotten successful in my political career by being a workaholic and not really ever getting to date very much at all, and definitely not by boffing my way through life, as is the bizarro expectation.

  5. aetra967 Says:

    “Him: Oh. You’ll change your mind when your a bit older, all women want kids, all women want to please their husband.”

    You’d think with the number of times I have been told that over the last 10 years, I’d be used to it by now, but it still pisses me off to no end…

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