When consent doesn’t apply


Today, I read a story that I found disheartening. A woman found out that footage of her had been used in a “Girls Gone Wild” video without her consent and when, in fact, she had explicitly refused to be filmed nude. Another person at the bar, despite the woman’s protests, pulls her top down, and the video goes to market.

Years later, a mother of two, she hears from a friend that the footage was used and sued. The jury decides 11-1 that she “implied consent” by her actions–despite repeatedly saying “no,” which can be heard and seen on the film. She might not want anyone to profit from a violation of her rights, but I guess it’s just #HFSF

Outraged in Virginia, USA

14 Responses to “When consent doesn’t apply”

  1. Kris Says:

    I read that article too, on Jezebel. It was extremely upsetting. 😦

  2. jesurgislac Says:

    I remember it too, but, you know: one of the things that makes this blog different is people sharing their personal experiences. I don’t think a story about someone you don’t know that you read on a blog really counts as a personal experience.

    • Brittany-Ann Says:

      Personal stories are powerful, indeed. Her story fits in well here, and I agree with Jennifer’s posting it. I’d like to see this community become a support network as well as just a venting outlet. Perhaps there is some way we can show her that there are people out there who are on her side, hmm?

    • A Different Sam Says:

      It’s a story about one real person. Who cares if the poster is that person, that person’s friend, or unrelated to that person? Does that magically transform the content of the story?

  3. Luna_the_cat Says:

    Dear jesurgislac: who died and appointed you blog owner?

    There are occasional posts here which discuss things in a wider context.

  4. M Says:

    Someone (the OP, maybe?) linked to MFIF in the comments on that Jezebel article and that’s actually how I found this site in the first place.

    Since I feel compelled to complete this meta loop:

    • Matt G. Says:

      That’s how I found MFIF, too. The web-Ouroboros is an interesting phenomenon 😀

      Now, as to that awful story: I’m not defending the GGW production crew’s actions (they’re clearly immoral bastards, if not technically criminal), but from a practical standpoint I do have some advice: If the woman in the bar had immediately called the police to report the assault, she might have been able to get the police to confiscate the tape as evidence. Which would provide time to get a good lawyer to get a restraining order to prevent them from ever publishing the video.

      Again, not victim-blaming, just trying to suggest an effective response to the situation.

      • Dude Says:

        Wouldn’t the police just ask her why she was alone and tell her she should be flattered?

      • Lbutlr Says:

        Dude’s right. ESPECIALLY in the places where GGW tends to film the police pretty much require hospitalization before they will even investigate an assault. Something like GGW filming someone without permission wouldn’t even get them to show up.

  5. Joshua Says:

    Actually, that Jezebel article is how I found this blog as well. Small internet.

  6. Alibelle Says:

    Haha, that’s how I found this blog too, through Jezebel.

  7. kly Says:

    The problem with immediately getting a restraining order is that she had no idea they were going to put it in the film in the first place, since she had repeatedly said “no” and insisted that she was not giving consent.

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