One of the boys


One day I was having lunch with two male colleagues who were discussing some rather obnoxious (yet somehow alluring) behavior of two of their female friends. They then explained that they enjoyed conversing with me because “[I’m] not girl-crazy.”


B, Texas


7 Responses to “One of the boys”

  1. Kaelri Says:

    I won’t defend obnoxious-yet-alluring, but for what it’s worth, I’ve spent years listening to unprovoked “girl-crazy” rants from two of my close friends. Both female. For us, it generally refers to girls who value their high heels over, say, the ability to read.

    • Alibelle Says:

      Of course god knows there aren’t men who fit a “crazy” stereotype. Only women, obvi.

      Also nice use of ableist language and a weak defense of it there.

      • Dude Says:

        I always thought that the crazy girls were counter-balanced by the dumb guys. That’s how it was at my high school anyways, with the reputation obsessed cheerleader and the sports obsessed jock as the epitome of the stereotype.
        I think it was mostly jealousy, less popular people trying to degrade more popular people, which is why it was directed at the better looking girls.

  2. B Says:

    @Kaelri: The type of girl to which you refer is exactly on point.

    The thing that frustrated me most about the situation was their obvious attraction was becuase these women fit these boy’s paradigm of what it means to be feminine while simultaneously finding them so contemptuous at an intellectual level (i.e. sexy+intelligence=does not compute!).

    And when I increduously asked them, “What the frack to you mean by ‘girl-crazy’?” they said, “You know, irrational and all emotional and stuff; girl-crazy.”


  3. Dude Says:

    It’s nice that they respect you for your intelligence, and too bad that they are more interested in the ‘girl crazy’ types. How old are these guys anyways.

    • B Says:

      Dude, we’re all in our late twenties. And for the record, I’m happy to keep my relationship with these two very, very, platonic, especially as I’m happily married. I was just disappointed to find out that they were so, well, unenlightened.

  4. Marci Says:

    Something similar happened to me in a different context. I was talking to a friend (a boy I had a crush on, no yes) and he said that he didn’t like so and so because, “He’s such a Jew.”
    I’m Jewish, so I was taken aback and gave him quite the look and he hastily backtracked,
    “Not like you. You’re Jewish. It’s different.”
    Oh yeah, that fixes it.

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