My canoodling with a lovely lady was interrupted by three drunk men, who apparently had philosophical interest in homosexuality.

“Why are you kissing another girl?”


“So, you’re gay, that’s fine. In your opinion, do you think you were born that way, or do you think that something happened to you that’s made you like that?”

“Go away.” (Or, you know, words to that effect)

“No no no no no don’t be like that! We were only asking a question! Come on! Come on, be reasonable. There’s nothing wrong with it. So, do you think it’s biological?”

“Go away.”

“GOD it was only a QUESTION. Jesus let’s leave them to it, the LESBIANS.” They stagger away, shouting back every now and then.

I’m sorry for not accommodating your totally appropriate and not at all offensive queries; I get a bit angry and hysterical sometimes, and am confused by such intellectually taxing questions #MFIF


8 Responses to “Disbelief”

  1. CM Says:

    Gawd, I get so tired of people expecting it’s our responsibility to educate them!

  2. H Says:

    Someone linked to this website on another post and I thought it was very funny, very apt for this post too. http://www.derailingfordummies.com/

    ‘you’re gay, that’s fine’ – must feel good to have their approval, right?!

  3. A Different Sam Says:

    Before someone tries to Mansplain that they were really just asking an honest question, thirty seconds on Wikipedia would have given them the complete answer.

  4. Matt G. Says:

    Oh yeah, a make-out session is a perfectly appropriate time to interrupt for an interview with a stranger, right?

    One can only wonder how bizarre the interrogation would have become, if you had engaged them.

  5. Marie Says:

    Of course, it’s perfectly reasonable to ask a perfect stranger to stop whatever they’re doing and ignore a good catch so that they can have a Q & A session with you. -sarcasm-

  6. Julian Says:

    Oh come on, you do know that lesbians only exist for the titillation of men, don’t you? [/heavy sarcasm]

    When I’ve kissed a girlfriend in public I’ve had responses ranging from a round of applause (thank you commuters in Tottenham Court Road tube station) to questions about what we “do,” to questions about “which one of you’s the man” – “neither of us, dimwit, that’s the point,” to questions about whether it’s genetic, to questions about whether it runs in the family, and the piece de resistance, the inevitable “phwwwoooar, can we join in??” which seems to be the most popular. Would be nice sometimes to have a quiet snog without feeling like a zoo exhibit…

  7. Kris S. Says:

    Wow, that reminds me of the time I got in a cab in New York City with my girlfriend. I don’t know how he figured out we were gay except for the fact she was fairly tomboyish and I was pretty femme, but it’s not like we were even smooching like the OP! But immediately this cab driver, who I’d guess was from Pakistan or a nearby country by the accent, started drilling us with very personal questions.

    “How do you have sex when there is no man,” was the one that finally got me to stop ignoring him.

    “If you have to ask, you’ll NEVER understand,” I replied.

    We laughed, and I added, “I feel really sorry for your wife if you think sex only works that one way.” And then we hopped out at our stop, leaving him very bewildered.

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