A man’s world


I am a female professional wrestler and my husband is a wrestler as well. In the professional wrestling business, there’s A LOT of traveling, usually in a group to save money. My husband and I usually traveled together, almost always actually, and I’m always the only woman in the group. Most of this time it’s not an issue since pretty much everyone sees me as “one of the boys”.

On one trip a few months ago, I was the only one booked on a show and money was tight, so my husband stayed home. I was traveling with guys I’d rode with before, but I didn’t really know the guys since they trained at a different school. I’d never had an issue with them before. There’s also a lot of trust needed to be in a ring with someone and I’d had to trust my life with a few of them before.

After the show, I was walking back to the car with one of the guys to put our gear up. He asked if he could talk to me a minute in the car. I knew he was upset about his match and it’s normal for the guys to use me as a sounding board. Once in the car, however, he proceeded to convince me to “cheer him up.” When I told him to no, he got violent and thankfully I fight back and get out of the car. I ended up with some pretty nasty bruises and scratches and a ripped leather belt and jeans.

I was very freaked out and I didn’t know how I was going to get home, so I didn’t say anything then. I really didn’t want anyone to know either. I managed to make it back home and told my husband what happened. He convinced me to contact the police. Pretty much my entire police interview consisted of a male officer berating me for traveling alone with men and how I should expect this to happen again unless I “dedicated myself to my husband and my children and stayed home.”

They haven’t followed up on anything despite me giving them the guy’s full name and address, locations of the surveillance cameras where the incident occurred, and my obvious injuries. That’s okay, he can be the man trying explaining his reputation to the booker, I’ll be the chick on TV with my future only getting brighter.

But according to the cops, it’s #MFIF because any woman in a “man’s” business is only looking for one thing.


14 Responses to “A man’s world”

  1. CM Says:

    As an old school wrestling fan, I hear ya and I feel for ya.

    I’ve been concerned for women wrestlers for years, and it’s one of the reasons I stopped being a fan. I couldn’t stand the misogyny I saw in some places.

    I hope this man gets some karma coming his way. You go gettim!!

  2. Jazz Says:

    I really feel for you. It’s awful that women are so often thought of in this manner. Its great that your husband believed your and encouraged you to go to the police, but their the response of the police is inexcusable- especially due to the quote in your story.

  3. Luna_the_cat Says:

    Have you thought about doing a media interview, and talking about this experience? One could only hope that the police would also find that embarrassing.

  4. ixlikexcerealx3 Says:

    I hate that the police tried to turn this around and say you were asking for it, being in a mainly male dominated profession. it makes me sick.

  5. Kate Black Says:

    That’s so awful. I’m sorry he did that to you. The attempted rapist AND the dirtbag cop. I’m glad you’re as strong as you are and were able to get away.

    I’m also glad your husband seems to be a sensible guy and is supporting you on this.

    Have you considered filing a complaint charge against the police officer/s who were dismissive to you. It’s always a boys club, and it won’t get better until the crime vics who they dismiss pursue it. (And if you’ve already done that, good for you!)

  6. kly Says:

    I also recommend filing a complaint against the police officer. That’s terrible. He is not doing his job in any way, shape or form.

  7. Marie Says:

    My jaw is currently on the ground. How can it ever be allowed to get this bad? But your mental strength is truly inspirational! I’m sure that both of these bastards will get their comeuppance

  8. Dude Says:

    That’s horrible and you are a very strong person. Was it difficult to pursue your profession, and did you encounter a lot of resistance as a woman.

  9. Lola Says:

    This is just sickening that men can go around and do exactly as they please, including being violent and actually hurting a person, and YOU get the blame because you are a woman doing something in a male-dominated field.
    It actually disgusts me.
    I agree that you should complain about that police officer.

  10. SecondaryMotion Says:

    having been involved in the UK wrestling business (if only to a minor degree), it did strike me that a number of “the boys” seemed to miss the “professional” part of being a professional wrestler.

    utterly inexcusable, regardless of how many ring-rats may disagree.

  11. The Heff Says:

    If there’s one lesson this blog teaches you, is that when you hear crap like this, tell the person to “go fuck yourself”.

  12. Meghan Says:

    Most of the posts I’ve read on this site have stated that they got blamed for being “alone”, aka without a guy, even when there were other girls with them. And here you are traveling with men, and it’s apparently “your fault” because this happened. I guess that women can’t win in any situation when dealing with scum such as this cop.

  13. Lbutlr Says:

    Sigh. This is a truly disgusting story. I would have filed a complaint with the supervisory whatever for that police department, or gone to the local ‘Action News at 11″ channel if that didn’t work.

    Threatening to contact the local news channel has been effective for me on at least two occasions in dealing with jackasses you refused to do their jobs.

  14. Kelly Says:

    “a male officer berating me for traveling alone with men and how I should expect this to happen again”
    Of course women shouldn’t be allowed to travel alone with men! After all, men are selfish pigs who only think about sex, the police officer should know, seeing how he’s one of them. Maybe we should flip the statement and make it “men shouldn’t travel alone with women”. That better expresses the situation, don’t you think? Since apparently men are the ones who can’t control themselves.

    (I think I’m being sarcastic somewhere…)

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