UK Police ask – what can we do better?


The Home Office want to know what they should do to improve the police. Given the amount of terrible policing we have seen here (on both sides of the Atlantic) I would encourage anyone with a view to make themselves known. Sexism allows crimes to go unreported and unsolved, and causes untold misery for the victims. if you’re on Twitter.

I said:

@ukhomeoffice We’d like to see police NOT acting like this, this, and this.


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2 Responses to “UK Police ask – what can we do better?”

  1. H Says:

    Good work! As brilliant as this site is as a space for venting, just think how powerful it could be if we were able to channel our collective anger into some kind of action. However, I had a look at the Home Office link and the document looked really long and boring, it left me wondering, who fills out these surveys apart from government officials and policemen? Maybe I should join twitter.

  2. Dude Says:

    I think the UK actually has a civilian run body that people can make complaints to regarding the police, which is more forward thinking than many other countries.

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