Two old school gentlemen


I have a very large chest, I always have (I’m sure you can already see where this is going).

About 4 years ago, I offered to be a designated driver for then-coworker A’s 21st birthday. Our friend T, A’s boyfriend, and A’s male friends B, X, and Y joined us bar hopping (B was the other DD and by the time this happened, the only other sober person in our group).

I was actually having a fairly good time despite not liking bars. When we got to bar #3, A was pretty toasty (to put it mildly) and struck up a conversation with a guy already at the bar (she referred to him as her friend but I don’t know if she actually knew him beforehand).

So Random Guy starts to head out for a smoke. On his way past me, he grabs one of my breasts. I was shocked speechless. I pulled A and T into the bathroom and told them what happened. I told A that if that guy was her friend, she better make sure he stayed the fuck away from me or I would kick his ass if he tried that again.

A and T proceeded to tell the guys in our group. X came and sat down at the table I was sitting at and told me that I should have told THEM when it happened because he and Y wouldn’t have stood for it (This was 30-45 mins after the assault and Random Guy hadn’t come back inside yet; he was presumed to have left).

After that bar we kind of lost track of X and Y. We tried going to a diner, but A was so drunk the manager asked us to leave. We took both cars back to A’s house and are trying to get a VERY drunk A inside when B’s phone rings. He walks off to answer it, then comes back saying, “Get her in the house NOW.”

T asks, “What’s wrong?”

B says, “X and Y are running from the police right now, we need to get her inside and get everyone home.”

I say, “Christ, what did they do???”

B answers, “They beat the shit out of that guy that grabbed you.”

I never saw X or Y again after that night and I’ve lost touch with A, but I do think of them fondly from time to time.


Manda, USA


5 Responses to “Two old school gentlemen”

  1. Trix Says:

    Not to harsh your mellow, but I think some men violently assaulting someone who assaulted you in an offensive but less harmful way on “your behalf” AFTER the event is a pretty screwed up way of addressing this kind of situation.

    Yelling, “GET YOUR FUCKING HAND OFF MY TIT, ARSEHOLE!” when you know you have friends nearby is much more productive. And is less likely to get your friends thrown into jail. And this is taking the charitable view they weren’t just looking for -any- excuse to start a fight.

  2. Tara Says:

    Go X and Y! Too many times Ive seen men complacently stand around, yeh their behaviour was excessive but dont think random creep will be molesting women anytime soon. You should track them down on facebook or something, they must have been throughly disgusted for you to go to that effort xXx

  3. Dude Says:

    You certainly had some brave friends. Bravery is not my style. I’m scrawny, cautious, and not really interested in revenge. To me the risk that someone I anger will have a knife or gun more than outweighs the pleasure of being able to hurt someone back.

  4. Siobhan Says:

    I’ve been reading these posts for the last week and have wanted one thing: to read one where there was somebody male standing up. It’s not sexist if they are acknowledging its wrong, too. The level of violence may seem extreme. But isn’t turning the other cheek worse?

    • The Heff Says:

      No, I’d say beating up on some guy because you’re full of matcho bullshit is worse.
      I’ve seen a lot of people spoiling for a fight in the past and if they can’t get some imagined slight against them, then one by proxy is nearly as good.

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