Seriously, screw you


I was the senior night nurse working in a large nursing home.

One night we had a problem with the nurse call system – the ‘cancel’ button had become loose and fallen inside the control panel so we couldn’t cancel an answered buzzer or hear when another one was activated. I rang the contract electrician for advice and after I’d explained the problem, he asked ‘Is there a male member of staff on duty with you?’

I answered that there was but wanted to know why he asked, and at the same time silently wondered what part a penis played in the solution to the problem. His reply? ‘It’s easily repaired but it takes someone who can use a screwdriver to do it’.


Liz UK


6 Responses to “Seriously, screw you”

  1. Sally Says:

    Oh, that winds me up.

    I bought a flat pack bookcase once, and my then (now ex) boyfriend came into my flat and said, ‘Oh, did A [my male flatmate] build that for you?’ When being told that I had in fact built it, he asked if I’d borrowed A’s screwdriver.

    If I hadn’t already put *my* screwdriver back in *my* toolbox I would have thrown it at him.

    We weren’t together long after that, as it happens.

  2. Axiomatic Says:

    Listen, using a screwdriver ain’t easy. I requires such advanced techniques as “holding an object in your hand” and “rotating the object in your hand.” You can’t expect men to assume every woman knows how to manipulate objects designed to fit neatly into one’s hand! I mean, that would imply that women were somehow members of a *tool-using species*.

    • A Different Sam Says:

      And if you make one false move, you could end up poking yourself in the eye instead. It’s dangerous work.

  3. Val Says:

    C’mon Axiomatic, everyone knows that those skills, in the context of being female, are only useful in giving men handjobs. DUH.

  4. Dude Says:

    Good story with a pun.

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