As part of a summer internship at an organization that was putting together a large-scale event, I was advertising for the event at a volunteering conference. The male president of the company sponsoring the event stopped by our booth, and started chatting with me. I was a university student at the time, and he asked me what I wanted to do afterwards.

I mentioned that I was a psychology major, and that I was looking into getting a PhD in psychology, or perhaps getting an MD and going into psychiatry. He replied, “You know, there are great careers in nursing out there. You can get a certificate in 3 years.” I have nothing against nursing, but I guess because I’m female, I wouldn’t be capable of going into a position that requires more training, or that is in an industry dominated by men. #MFIF

Left coast, USA


5 Responses to “Psychobabble?”

  1. A Different Sam Says:

    I can’t imagine him telling any male student going for a doctorate to get a three-year nursing degree.

  2. justme Says:

    PhDs in psychology are actually dominated by women (especially clinical psych). I still see your point, though.

  3. Sparkly Bitch Says:

    This. Everytime someone asks me what I want to do with my life, I always say that I want to go into medicine, because the response is inevitably “Oh. . . .So you want to be a nurse?” It’s more amusing, than anything.

  4. Dude Says:

    Wow, that was subtle of him…

  5. Paul McFarland Says:

    I am an RN, male. The number of doctors that have told me “You are so smart – you could be a doctor” is overwelming. I have always wanted to reply that my ethical standards were way to high.

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