Mr McGrabby gets his comeuppance


Years ago, I worked as a cook in a restaurant. There was this guy, who was a dishwasher, who had the hots for me. He even tried to offer me $100 to have sex with him (which was what he paid his regular hooker every two weeks on payday). He did not speak much English, but I was able to get another co-worker to explain to this guy that this sort of behavior was not acceptable.

But that was not the end of it. One day, I was reaching for a pot from a high shelf, and this guy snuck up behind be and grabbed my boobs! I screamed at him. The head chef was around, and guess what he did? He yelled at ME for complaining! This boss guy was always a sexist pig, so I should not have been surprised by this. But he was married, I wonder how HE would have liked it if this guy grabbed his wife’s boobs?

I thought about filing a suit for sexual harassment, but in the end, I just quit with no notice. I later found out that both the dishwasher and the head chef had been fired. GOOD! #MFIF

CM, Boston, MA USA

One Response to “Mr McGrabby gets his comeuppance”

  1. Dude Says:

    Sounds like someone in management had half a brain. You could probably gone and got your job back at that point if you explained the situation, although I’m guessing you had moved on by then.

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