Blame game


Having lived with and financially supported my ex-boyfriend for the last year whilst he completed his Masters Degree we split up. He had decided to move out of our place to move in with another woman…

Having moved on and recovered from the cheating, lying and emotional abuse, I receive a phone call from his father. Apparently said ex has not paid the remainder of his rent and his father is planning to take ME to court for £1000 over grounds I made it “untenable” for him to live there.

Of course, it had nothing to do with the fact that his son is a lazy, cheating, selfish bastard – but it was me “the psychotic, manipulative little girl” who had forced him to have sex with other people, move his things out and make it impossible for him to pay his rent. Oh yeah #MFIF!

Laura McB


11 Responses to “Blame game”

  1. Axiomatic Says:

    How…how the hell does he have a legal leg to stand on? Moreover, how can he not afford to pay rent, and yet afford to take you to court? I mean, I assume that wherever you are, suing someone isn’t free.

    I suspect he’s probably trying to scare you into giving him money.

  2. Holly Says:

    Your ex needs to grow up. You were supporting him financially, then he moved in with someone else (who presumably took up the burden). Now he doesn’t want to pay the rent HE owes and so his daddy is trying to get him out of it (while simultaneously revealing where his son got his smarminess from in the first place). I hope he has to pay up (and that you aren’t forced to go to court) and you can be rid of this arsehole forever.

  3. A Different Sam Says:

    It’s just a cheap intimidation strategy to get you to fork over money to them instead of the other way around. The law is obviously on your side, so these gits’ lunacy shouldn’t stop you from getting your money.

  4. cyrviana Says:

    I honestly think that this isn’t sexism at all. Yeah, he’s horrible and his claims are groundless, but he’s suing you because you’re someone to blame, not because you’re female. And he believes his son is right not because his son is male but because his son is family.

    It’s horrible, but it doesn’t belong on this site, in my opinion.

    • Masha Says:

      Uhm, the mod posted it, and she has to read all of them when she posts them. So obviously, according to the mod, it is sexist, and does belong here.

      Sooo until you become a mod, it belongs here.

    • Cerebral Magpie Says:

      Ha, even after it’s carefully explained to commenters, we still get “this isn’t sexism”. Check your privilege at the door, dude.

      *shake head, sigh*

    • Dude Says:

      I agree that this person seems more like an asshole than a sexist. They seem to be blind to their own family’s wrongdoing and may have treated the OP the same way regardless of gender. I don’t see why it should be excluded from the site though. It’s an interesting story, and is at least arguably sexist.

  5. Merely Academic Says:

    Let’s not be too narrow about “what belongs on this site”. It’s possible that if the genders were reversed the father would still be being a money-grubbing slimemold, but we don’t know that. What we do know is that she supported this loser for a year and now he’s still trying to get money out of her. and the father is likely suing because he thinks that hey, she’s a chick, she’ll be so scared she’ll just roll over and give us money right away. And then the “psychotic, manipulative little girl” line sure sounds sexist to me.

    IN fact “little girl” addressed to anyone not female and under the age of 8 is sexist.

    Oh, and don’t roll over for this creep. If he gets as far as the court it will be thrown out. (Assuming your name wasn’t on the lease any longer, which I certainly hope it wasn’t …)

  6. Axiomatic Says:

    cyrviana, the quotation marks around “the psychotic, manipulative little girl” lead me to believe it’s a direct quote, and that means that even if the father’s motivation for threatening to sue her isn’t a sexist one (like maybe he thinks a woman will more easily cave in to threats of legal action) he’s still casting his accusation in a sexist manner.

    I mean, suppose that I want you to move away, and the reason I want you to move away has absolutely nothing to do with your gender, but because I want to demolish your house so I’ll have a better view of the lake. And in order to GET you to move away, I regularly spraypaint the word WHORE on your house in the hopes that it will make you hate living here so much that you’ll pack up your bags and leave.

    I may no have a sexist motivation, but since the means I’ve chosen is sexist…I’m still sexist.

    • Dude Says:

      Yeah, the action is 90% asshole and 10% sexist, but really, the point is that a man is using sexism to his advantage to try to intimidate someone, which is horrible.

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