Women, you disappoint me


Woman comes to my [prominent American computer company helpdesk] counter and requests: I need the free windows 7 upgrade from vista for my laptop.

I tell her: I’m sorry, that program ended in January.

She: no, you see, i bought the computer in October and I was *told* I would get win7 for free. my mother had a stroke. I’ve been busy. Just give me the program.

I say no, the program is over, She will have to pay. She insists because of the stroke and the hospital and such, it will be free.

I walk to the back and ask [co-worker, male] if there’s anything I can do for her outside of the program. He says the program ended in January, no dice. I return to the counter and tell her that i looked it up on Microsoft’s site (which i did, four months ago), and the program ended in January. she says, “oh, I’ll come back later and ask one of the boys.” At this point, it’s HER fault I’m female.

As I returned from lunch, I overheard her asking one of the boys, which happened to be the coworker i asked… he said “the program ended in January” and she goes “really? oh! okay” and leaves.



7 Responses to “Women, you disappoint me”

  1. Kara Says:

    Yeah. As a feminist, I have made the point over and over to friends and acquaintances that sexism against women is not just a problem of men against women. Sexism against women is so deeply rooted in our cultures that other women often perpetuate the problem as well with assumptions about what a woman’s role in society should be. I’ve frequently had to say to male friends that just because a woman says something is not sexist doesn’t mean it isn’t sexist. I know too many women who are against feminism because of negative stereotypes about feminism. It makes me really sad.

  2. kly Says:

    And women as well as men have been trained not to think of women as authorities. A female friend of mine in a call center over and over will have someone insist on talking to a manager with a complaint. She’ll agree, and ask one of her male colleagues of the same rank to pretend to be a manager for a minute. It always works.

    • jesurgislac Says:

      Um… actually, when I ask to speak to a call center manager, it’s because I can tell that the person I’m speaking to is On Script, and I actually DO want to speak to their manager. Hadn’t occurred to me that when I ask a call center employee who’s female, she’ll just assume I’m being sexist and unhelpfully hand me on to one of her colleagues. Hell working in a call center, I know, but …. grrr.

  3. Brittany-Ann Says:

    Sexism is so jarring when it comes from other women. I know better than to think every woman is my ally, but I get the same knot in my throat every time.

    • Cerebral Magpie Says:

      Yeah, it hurts, especially when it’s someone close to you. I have a colleague that will defer to a male every time if the discussion is mixed sexes, to the point she throws other women (including her daughters!) under the bus even when I know she personally does not believe what she’s saying.

      But when it’s a female only discussion, or the two of us alone, she’s really keen to hear about feminism, and discuss female politics/writing.

  4. Louise Says:

    I think that title should say “Wom*a*n, you disappoint me”.

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