Male hysterics


I left chicken on the counter to defrost for the next day. Since I didn’t put a towel under it, there was a slight puddle. Any normal person would wipe up the puddle and be done with it. My “significant other” threw a fit because he noticed it. He asked me if he needed to start cleaning up when he got home from work. “So now I have to do two jobs!”, were his words.

So, he’s too good to work a full-time job and help around the house. I on the other hand can get up before him, get the kids ready and out the door, go to school myself, go to work, then come home to cook dinner and clean house?? I didn’t realize it was so hard on a man to wash the dishes… #MFIF



16 Responses to “Male hysterics”

  1. yolanda Says:

    That boy needs tuning. scolding a hubby this early on about respect and consideration can help avoid all that kingly pomposity down the road! (not that it’s exclusive of any gender to get entitlement delusions)

  2. Ayla Says:

    You had children with this person? My sympathies.

  3. kly Says:

    Unless this was a bad patch and he apologized later, this doesn’t sound good. This guy needs to grow up, and I’m not sure you need to be raising him as well as your kids.

  4. Brittany-Ann Says:

    Good heaven. Work and school? Plus family and home? I’d tell hubby that hell yeah he needs to cook and clean!

    I hope, for your sake, that he did apologize. This doesn’t paint a very favorable portrait of that guy.

  5. H Says:

    Crikey. I hope you explained to him what was wrong about what he said and didn’t just post about it on here!

  6. linda Says:

    I hope you’re in a position to drop kick this one and find one of the lovely, considerate ones out there 😉

  7. Clix Says:

    I would smile delightedly and say, “YES! That would be so helpful! Thank you so much for offering.” And then stare him down until he GOT THE POINT. *sigh*

  8. Magewyntyr Says:

    What’s really sad… my ex-husband used this same line on me too. (Even though I wasn’t at school or work at the time.) He was too good to help around the house even if he wasn’t working…

  9. Celia Says:

    Hmmm, I think he’d be sleeping on the couch in my house if he took that tone with me…

  10. Marie Says:

    What a pig! Honestly, you’re doing his share of housework AND your own and he acts like that? Sounds like someone should re-learn to cook his own damn food.

  11. Flewellyn Says:

    “So now I have to do two jobs!”, were his words.

    Horror of horrors, that’s unprecedented!

  12. Bessie Says:

    This sounds familiar. Even when my husband does decide to make an effort to help around the house, he identifies tasks that need to be done and delegates half of them to me and most of the rest to the kids (who do nothing). Meanwhile, I’m busy working on _all_ of the tasks I have identified.

  13. violet Says:

    Dan Savage would advise, and I would agree, you need to DTMFA. Seriously.

  14. Broam Says:

    I think the worst part of the story is defrosting meat on the counter. That’s food-borne illness waiting to happen.

  15. shauna Says:

    that’s ridiculous considering you seem to be working 3+ “jobs” (childcare, work, cleaning/cooking, school).

    sidenote: meat should be defrosted in a fridge, never at room temperature on a counter overnight

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