Diagnosis: Female


Ten years ago in Sydney, and a week away from a trip to Japan, I took the day off work as I had been having dizzy spells and difficulty standing up. Concerned, I went to see the doctor and quietly explained that I was about to travel and given the symptoms, I wanted a check up beforehand just to be sure.

He told me that the dizzy spells were probably just related to being over excited and overwhelmed about the trip and then sent me on my way. I had to hold on to furniture to support me on my way out the door. Perhaps he had watched Gone with the Wind too many times or perhaps it was just #MFIF

Rachel, Auckland, NZ


10 Responses to “Diagnosis: Female”

  1. Matt G. Says:

    Right, you had “the vapors”.

    I hope you found a better doctor. And I hope that guy gets sued for malpractice.

  2. SkyHawk Says:

    Geez. How dismissive can you get?

  3. Dude Says:

    The doctor stories on this site are starting to look like the cop stories.

  4. Derp Says:

    What did the cause of your symptoms turn out to be?

  5. Charlotte Says:

    He didn’t also add something about ‘female hysteria’ and give you a pat on the bum on the way out, did he?

  6. Miss Medicina Says:

    I sure hope he at least gave you some Laudanum!

  7. Charlotte Says:

    I don’t understand, this is a perfectly valid suggestion. I’ve been unlucky enough to experience severe dizziness due to being overwhelmed before. Could somebody clarify why this is a MFIF?

    • SkyHawk Says:

      I think it was the dismissive attitude of the male doctor that was the nail in the coffin for this one.

      • Charlotte Says:

        Ah, okay. I didn’t get that from this comment. I assumed it was a case of ‘Probably just overwhelmed but if things get worse or it doesn’t go away then come back’. I guess it would very much depend on the phrasing. Thanks for clarifying.

    • Kris S. Says:

      One also has to wonder if a man went in with the same symptoms he’d be told he’s “over excited and overwhelmed” by his travel. Sounds a bit ludicrous when put that way, doesn’t it?

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