Someone call the police! Oh wait…


My girlfriend and I were out dancing late one Saturday night at a Greek themed restaurant/club. I dropped her home about 1AM, waited for her to get into her studio apartment and drove home. She went to take a shower to wash off the sweat and smoke when she saw a man peeping into her window. She immediately called police for help and me to come pick her up.

The police didn’t believe her, asked what she was doing up so late, why she was out after midnight, and accused her of “bringing someone home and changing her mind”. They even made comments about her outfit (club wear).

When we arrived to pick her up to stay at my place, the police were gone. They refused to stay with her until we arrived.

The final straw: the next day we called and the officer hadn’t even filed a report. I guess she isn’t worth protecting or serving. #MFIF



12 Responses to “Someone call the police! Oh wait…”

  1. Zoe Says:

    If she hasn’t already, your friend needs to file a formal complaint with the police department and with the city or county that PD is part of. That officer doesn’t deserve to wear the uniform.

  2. rl Says:

    This is really out of order. First of all, the unsayable nature of the attack on your physical body, the terrifying ordeal of having to deal with that and not be supported by the justice system. It really doesn’t matter how long ago this happened, these men need to be reported. I understand the difiuclty in doing so, however. It is often the sense, again, that you are reponsible for THEIR mistakes and misbehaviours. There should be systems in place for that kind of behaviour to be easily reported and filed so that if it happens again something can be doneabout it.

  3. Telemarketer Says:

    It’s sad and frightening that the police were more concerned about where blame falls rather than her well being. And this whole “you were asking for it,” bullshit needs to stop. People, ANYONE should dress how they want to dress, stay up as late as they want, and club if they want(though i hate clubs :p).
    Seriously, cops need to get a f’n clue, she were in danger, thats the bottom line, in fact that is the only thing an officer should be concerned about.

    If a cop wants to chastise her for her fashion sense, then he should quit the force and become a fashion designer.

  4. Yeah... it's the police Says:

    So yeah, these are the police. They may have been discriminating against you because you’re a woman, or they may have just been gold ol’ fashioned dumb cops. In any case, many on the interwebs would advise you not to call the police unless absolutely necessary. Most will point to stories of police responding to ‘home invader’ calls by promptly showing up and shooting the homeowner.

  5. Lori Says:

    Holee Crap. And people wonder why I do not trust the police. I’m always scared I’m not going to get an officer, but a useless piece of rotten pork like this pig.

  6. Charlotte Says:

    And if she had of been murdered when they left, was she still asking for it, because her outfit was too provocative. This is absolute shit and still goes to show the backward, sexist nature of people (idiots) in the police force. “To protect and serve, unless you’re a woman.”

  7. Luna_the_cat Says:

    To “Yeah it’s the cops” — yeah, let’s not call the cops unless it’s ABSOLUTELY necessary. Would that be *after* the intruder breaks into the house and tries to rape her? A little late, then.

    Someone looking through your windows at 1am is a potential burglar and rapist, as well as peeping tom, and it’s extremely well documented in criminology literature that a lot of people who start as peeping toms move on to assault. A complaint needs to be filed against the police who refused to respond. there IS no excuse.

  8. snobographer Says:

    I reported a street harassment/assault (a combo of verbal harassment, following, grabbing, etc. from a guy on a bike while I was walking home from work) case once and the cop told me the guy who’d harassed me was “just having a little fun.” He was also disgusted with *my* filthy mouth when I repeated to him some of the things the harasser/assaulter said to me. So, so much for reporting shit to the cops. They’re pretty much worthless to anybody who’s not white and male.

  9. Dan Says:

    @snobographer: No, I can assure you that they’re hopeless even if you *are* white and male.

  10. Unfortunate but not really surprising... Says:

    I guess you could say they’re called PIGS for a reason.

    “Sadly, while this may seem like a strange surge in cases starting out this year, it actually isn’t abnormal. Last year’s statistical report revealed that

    ****sexual misconduct reports against police were the second most common type of police misconduct***

    report for the 8.5 months that we tracked reports in 2009 and that nearly half of those 500+ sexual misconduct reports involved the sexual abuse of children.”

    For {only} 42 MORE cases of police sexual abuse go here:

  11. oh_desy Says:

    This one makes me really angry. I called the police on a peeping tom late at night last year. I was lucky they took it seriously and sent several officers my way, because by the time they got there, he’d broke my window and cornered me in the kitchen. Now I tell all my friends to not be embarrassed or afraid to call the cops. You never know when someone may mean you harm! It terrifies me that there are cops out there who wouldn’t take this sort of thing seriously.

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