Ms MFIF speaks


Dear all,

This site has been running for eight (8) days. Since then I have put up 62 stories, and I have around 40 more in my inbox. The response has really been overwhelming, which I think is normally an overused word but in this case really expresses my surprise and joy at waking up to twenty new anecdotes that have been delivered in the seven hours I’ve been asleep.

One our busiest day we got over 30,000 views, and I have had messages of support from teens in India, mothers in the US, and our ‘Chastened in the Midwest’, the father that wants to do better for his daughter after reading the blog.

People are (mostly) being very supportive, and if not supportive, constructive in a critical manner.

Today I want a real push.

Add us on Twitter
Add us on Facebook

And blog, repost, and spread the word. If you speak other languages, please write about MFIF in them. I’m not averse to posting in Spanish/Arabic/whatever.

If you have ideas or suggestions, like a #Fail section for sexist advertising for example, tell me.

Let’s make this even bigger than what we’ve achieved in the last week. Comments and suggestions. This is an open thread.




6 Responses to “Ms MFIF speaks”

  1. Kaelri Says:

    My advice: keep it simple. You’re using a model that has worked for Not Always Right, FML, Clients From Hell, and others. Those guys are cultural institutions. They’ve published books. And the concept of MFIF is as endlessly-potent as any of theirs, if not more. This is one of those thing everyone wishes they had thought of first. Keep doing what you’re doing. Let the stories speak for themselves.

  2. magdalen Says:

    posted about it (particularly, the childfree post) to Nymphe … this will also go out on my Facebook and Twitter feeds. if you’d like to see it.

    what’s sad to me is how normal and everyday these stories seem. i experience *way* less of this kind of shit in my later years, though, so i have hope.

  3. LS Says:

    Typically I read blogs like this looking for things to disagree with and comment on. Not out of a desire to provoke controversy, but because as a man I feel it’s important to speak honestly on my gender’s behalf, in the hopes of creating a productive dialogue.

    But every story I’ve read so far has been appalling. I knew there was still sexism in the world, but the flagrant, unrepentant chauvinism displayed in these stories is shocking.

    Thank you for providing a vessel for them. I will be following on twitter and retweeting stories I feel relevant to my followers.

  4. Sally Says:

    Keep up the good work – this is an excellent resource, sounding board and place to vent. It’s good to be able to laugh at some of this sexism without laughing it off.

  5. Lauren Says:

    Love it as it is. This is an issue that people think has been confined to the past – this site brilliantly proves that it’s still very much current. This thing will promote itself, but I’ll be helping!

  6. Brittany-Ann Says:

    I love this site–and I’m not surprised that it’s growing so quickly! Making a Twitter and Facebook page were great ideas, especially the Twitter.

    I’d suggest making an e-mail account specially for this blog, and have someone help. You could ask for volunteers, take applications. I can easily see this site continually grow, and you’ll need another admin to help. I would be one of those volunteers, if you should decide you need one.

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