An Uplifiting Explanation


I was minding my own business in the gym, deadlifting. Unfortunately it seems to attract a lot of attention from less enlightened people, as while I am female my top sets are still in the range of 230-260 pounds. This particular time, someone approached me mid-set, and when I ignored him, he stood over the bar so I could not pick it up until he had said his piece.

He told me I needed to lean back at the top of the repetition to “make my back stronger”. I told him hyperextension of the back is both bad form and can lead to injury, and went back to lifting with proper form. He stood there for the rest of my set, shaking his head. I guess all the mansplanation I get in the gym is #MFIF for liking to lift big weights.



5 Responses to “An Uplifiting Explanation”

  1. Tetsubo Says:

    Here’s the thing. If someone can lift more than I weigh, I’m not going to critique their form. Heck, I can’t even pull of a chin-up…

  2. snobographer Says:

    Not that you’re seeking advice here but something I’ve taken to doing with guys like this is to point to some other man in the vicinity and tell them to go bother that guy. I ride a bicycle and get some shit from guys telling me I’m doing something wrong. “Go pester somebody who needs a dad.”
    YM-as always-MV.

  3. conspiretheatre Says:

    I had something similar happen to me when I was stretching in the park. A man came over, uninvited and told me that I was doing it wrong and offered to be my personal trainer. I told him to leave me alone and that I didn’t need or want his advice. He got really angry, told me he was just trying to help and stormed off.

    I’ve been doing movement work and yoga for ten years, but #MFIF.

  4. Kris S. Says:

    A similar thing happened to me when I was practicing tennis. I was doing an exercise where you stand close to the wall and hit the ball with the racket quickly and repeatedly. Well, God’s Gift To Tennis comes off the street, down into a fenced court, comes over to me and tells me I’m DOING IT WRONG because I’m not using a back swing. He proceeds to TAKE ME RACKET FROM MY HAND and demonstrate a “proper” back swing.

    I take it back and point out the exercise I was doing was prescribed by my coach to develop wrist and forearm strength and was SUPPOSED to have nothing to do with the back swing, thank you very much. He just looked at me all agape, and left without saying anything else.

    That was in the late 80’s and I still remember it. I’m sorry to hear that not much has changed and we still need all this “help” because it’s OFWF.

    • Kris S. Says:

      That should, of course, say “take MY racket from my hand”. I’m not really a pirate, though I do play one online sometimes. :-p

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